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Once you have filled out our brief registration form on our executive dating site, we’ll be in touch to organise a convenient time to meet for your complimentary one-on-one consultation. Your personal details are kept secure. See our Privacy Policy.



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You’ll then be taken to the Relationship Radar page. The information you provide helps us to match your physical characteristics, interests, hobbies, activities, values and instincts with the tests of other clients. It’s important to be completely honest for an ideal match.



Your Free Consultation

Enjoy a relaxed, fun, confidential meeting with your Blue Label Life matchmaker. They’ll learn all about you, explain how everything works and answer any questions that you might have. Most importantly, you’ll discuss the type of person you want to meet – your ideal partner.



Our search begins

Your matchmaker will handpick the most compatible professional singles for you, and not just from our own extensive list of eligible professional singles. If they meet an attractive, single professional who ticks all your boxes, they might suggest that they come in for an interview, because we know someone who could be perfect for them!


Choose your favourites

Now things get exciting! Your matchmaker will send you profiles of handpicked single professionals best suited to you, including their photo, interests and values. We then discuss the ones you may be interested in meeting.


Your Introduction

If both you and a compatible match feel comfortable with an introduction, we then put you in touch. You may decide to meet for a drink, coffee, lunch or dinner. If you need any help choosing a venue, we can recommend a number of comfortable, relaxed places.


First meeting feedback

After your initial introduction, you can phone or email and tell us how you went and share feedback from your date. Clients really appreciate this information because it’s not something anyone ever hears after a regular date. It means that when you are ready for your second date, or next introduction, you’ll be fine-tuned and even more self-confident.
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  • I could never have expected to meet someone who is so perfect for me. We are truly soul mates and more importantly best friends.

    Katie & Simon

  • I couldn't have asked to meet a more fun and genuine guy in John... he is special :)


  • It's been the most marvellous six months with Amanda. She's moved up to live with me and just last week said yes to marrying me! Thank you with all my heart.


  • We moved in together last week and have some serious long term plans for the future. She is a truly amazing woman and I love her very much.