Moving in, without moving on

I’m thinking of asking my girlfriend the big question; “will you move in with me?” Problem is, I fear my apartment will undergo a dramatic gender transformation as a result. What should I be prepared for is she says yes?
Colin, via email

Relationships are about relating. Put yourself in her situation; if you moved in with your girlfriend, would you want everything to remain the same? Probably not.

The key is finding a balance. That could mean taking down your sports memorabilia in place of her Japanese art collection, or find a better hiding spot for your porn stash, but as they say, relationships are about compromise. It’s important for her to feel that it’s not just your home, but her home, too.

Playing house is an exciting time. It’s a chance create a style and life together that’s symbolic of your relationship. Who knows? You may find the personality she brings to your decor actually improves your apartments feng shui.

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