Online Dating VS. Matchmaking: The pro’s and con’s.

Out sourcing your love life is becoming more and more mainstream.

A lot of people now resort to find potential dates online or hire a matchmaker and have someone do all the groundwork for them in finding a partner for them.

Online Dating VS. Matchmaking: The pro's and con's.

Tinder dating is like a lottery; it’s a numbers game. and, you might never ever win.

But, how is online dating any different than matchmaking? Both may seem fairly similar methods of meeting “the one”, there is actually a huge difference between the two. In online dating, you do all the work. You are directly involved in the process of profiling yourself and finding a potential romantic partner over a platform specifically designed to help singles interact with each other in the hopes of finding love. This is a great platform for people who have lots of time on their hands and are into a numbers game. On the other hand, matchmaking services makes use of a third party a professional dating expert with experience and expertise in bringing two people compatible for each other.  A professional matchmaker can get down to the nitty gritty of what is it specifically you are looking for in a partner, and can reveal the secrets you need to attract and keep the right partner.

Dating News has a great article titled 9 Reasons Why You Should Use a Matchmaker which further explains why a matchmaker is a great idea. Here they tell us that ‘With a matchmaker, you don’t have to choose between going to the gym or to a bar to try to meet someone. Your matchmaker can find you matches while you’re working out, partying with friends, busy at the office, cleaning your house, walking your dog, sleeping, or whatever else you might be doing’.

Although both dating systems aim to pair people up, online dating is often less specific in matching the right people, thereby making it less effective compared to matchmaking. In online dating, you get to meet people with similar interests and hobbies as you do, but they may not necessarily be compatible in other areas of their lives. In matchmaking, you are paired with carefully reviewed potential dates—ones who have the best shot at developing a romantic relationship with you.

A single using dating websites also has the freedom to review hundreds and hundreds of profiles based on their own discretion—the volume of potential dates seem endless! In the regular world, this notion is quite next to impossible. However, the downside of having too many choices can lead to fatigue and exhaustion in the effort to narrow down appropriate choices. This problem is best approached by a matchmaker. Any experienced matchmaker can reduce the volume of potential dates  and focus purely on quality and zero in on someone who has the highest potential to become a long term partner. A matchmaker is capable of setting up the right people after extensive client interviews, tests, and questionnaires.

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The current matchmaking process has gotten scientific as it can get—making it more accurate and proven to have better results than online dating. The use of a consistent method coupled with scientific and psychological basis increases the chance of a fruitful union between two individuals. Matchmaking, simply put, helps you get in the door but it’s up to you how to stay there once you’ve made it—they help you meet the right person, but it’s completely up to you to make your relationship work.

Moreover, matchmaking is much safer given the rigorous screening clients and potential dates go through. You are also somehow assured that your dates genuinely looking for a long term relationship.

The investment worth it especially for those who are serious about results —you definitely get more from the service you subscribe to! You have to make up your own mind but you can see the online chatter about other peoples thoughts on Tinder at Quora where there are many different opinions. We generally find that people like to dip their toes in the Tinder dating pool but after a while they generally gravitate back to using a matchmaking service because it actually works.

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