Over 60’s dating; it’s all about finding a connection

For those over 60 who have suddenly found themselves single, just out of a marriage, a relationship then dating in your sixties doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find love again.

Yes, you may have been out of the dating scene for decades, and yes, you may feel totally out of your comfort zone, but dating in your 60’s can be a fun experience.

Posted by Robyn Nind 16 July 2020

It’s a matter of perspective and how you look at your love life.

Are you going to give up and stay single forever, or are you going to take the initiative and look for someone? Remember, you have loads of life experience, so you know what you’re looking for when it comes to finding a partner. Dating doesn’t necessarily belong to the young. People of all ages can find love even if you’re over 60.

Having said that there are some challenges that you might have to overcome before you embark on your first date, but once you have your head around these, it should all be smooth sailing.

Senior dating: dating over 60 is about having a positive mindset. You have to face facts. Life is very unpredictable, and for some 60+-year-olds life may have thrown them a huge curveball. You might have lost a partner or recently divorced from a long marriage. Whatever the case, you have to acknowledge this and be prepared to go out there and meet someone entirely new. And according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the population is ageing so there are going to be lots more singles over 60 out there looking for a partner.

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Following is some useful dating tips for those over 60 put together by Robyn at Blue Label Life.

1) Take a positive approach.

Age is just a number and doesn’t mean that you’re too old to date. Think about all the life experience you have. Use this to your advantage. If you dwell on your age and psych yourself out of the dating scene, you’ll more than likely remain single. If that’s what you want, then fine. But, most over sixties still have lots of life, energy and love to give. So use it!

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2) Be confident

Stop looking at those wrinkles and grey hair. It might be hard to look in the mirror and think that you’re still as attractive as you were in your 20’s or 30’s. But confidence plays a massive part in being sexy and attractive. Forget about whats on the outside and focus your energy on your beautiful inner self. People will notice this confidence which this is the beautiful part. The person your dating might also be a senior, and what they are looking for is a certain level of confidence. Worrying about your looks will make you appear shallow & insecure, which are not attractive qualities.

3) Be authentic

Be authentic and don’t try to be something you’re not. At 60 you should be comfortable with who you are and what you’ve achieved in life. Try not to pretend to be someone else or try to be or act younger than you are. Dating after 60 is about being authentic, real and honest with yourself and your potential partner.

4) Know what you want

You have to set your goals when you start the process of dating. Do you want to remarry, are you after a friend or just something casual for now ( and yes 60-year-olds can have casual affairs). These goals might change, but the best way to approach this is to go on each date with an open attitude with a set of realistic expectations, which leads us to the next point.

5) Be realistic with your expectations

You are not 20 any more so if you want to meet a supermodel 20 years younger than you, forget about it. If your senior women starting to date again, you’re George Clooney is out there but just a little bit older with a few more lines on his face. Don’t expect to meet Brad Pitt every single date as this won’t happen. Having realistic expectations will avoid disappointments and set you up for failure.

6) Don’t take it too seriously

Have some fun. I know this is easy to say, but if you’re panicking about this situation before the first date, try to take a light-hearted approach to this. Sure, it’s OK to have some first or second date jitters, but you’ll soon recover from this. It’s also OK not to connect with the person. If you find it’s not working or there’s no chemistry part amicably after the date and use it as a learning experience.

7) Don’t put this off too long

Getting older and getting too comfortable means that sometimes ( especially in the dating scene) you don’t want to push your boundaries or comfort zones. Unfortunately, if you intend to start dating, then this is not an option. You have to get up off the couch, dust off the cobwebs and take the first step.

You might find this will be hard to do if you have been with your partner for decades, but it’s right for you to push your boundaries. You might even surprise yourself.

8) Find your equal.

Dating in you’re 60’s means that you might be looking for your second or third love in life. The good thing is that the other person is more than likely in the same position. The beauty of this is that they will have shared the same life experiences, the ups and downs, which means you’ll have lots in common. There may be a few awkward moments when you first meet, but after that’s passed, you’ll both find that you have loads of common interests.

9) Take your time

Please don’t rush into a relationship with the first person you like. Take your time and meet a few people before you decide to commit. Go on a few dates, and if you have a realistic approach, you may even end up making new friends. Don’t panic that time is slipping by and there’s an urgent need to meet someone. Desperation will show, and it may push some people away.

Over 60 dating: should you use a dating app or a dating agency?

For most over 60’s that have been off the dating scene, then the thought of a dating app would be foreign. Most seniors are just mastering their iPhones and downloading an app to start dating would seem like an impossible task. In most cases, they’d have to get their children to help them. If you want to go it alone and use a dating app, there are lots of them online.

Paying a professional dating agency or matchmaker to find a partner makes a lot of sense for 60 plus seniors. They do all the groundwork, find a compatible partner and will even coach you before your dates. They are more private, discreet and will take the headache and stress away which allows you to focus on more important things like finding love again.

At Blue Label Life, we goal to match you with compatible likeminded singles to make this process smoother and less stressful. Robyn our head matchmaker is understanding, caring and will partner with you while you’re on this path. Older dating over 40, 50, 60 or 70, isn’t a sprint, make sure you enjoy the journey.


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