Pick up lines: Brilliance or stupidity?

What are the pick up lines that deliver most success?
Miranda, via email

I’m not a big believer in pick lines. Frankly, I’ve always had the opinion that women are just too smart and see right through our often lame attempts and being suave. I did, however, did witness a hilarious one the other week.

We were at a bar and a friend of mine was completely captivated by this girl across the room. So after several failed attempts to muster the courage to introduce himself, my friend orders a drink, takes out the ice, walks across the room, throws the ice at her feet, looks up and says; “Now that we’ve broken the ice, my name’s Sean. What’s yours?”

Risky, but it did pay off!

Pick up

I know it sounds like advice from a tragic 80s sitcom, but there is nothing wrong with simply going up to a person and say “hello”. Another great way to break the ice (so to speak) is to ask if someone has heard about a major news story that’s just broken.

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