Is It True That The More Intelligent You Are The Harder It is To Find Love?

Look around. Have you seen how many fabulous single men and women there are, yet they are still single?

There are more singles than ever before!

It’s not like there aren’t many options around to meet other single people looking for love.

In fact, there are more opportunities to meet the opposite sex than ever. You’ve got online dating, dating apps, social events and specialised groups, not to mention simply heading out with your friends or other old-fashioned avenues.

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If you haven’t found love yet, it’s not your fault. It’s your formula.

Just like if you were to go shopping for a pair of shoes, quality is key.

Think about it if a shop assistant were to bring you 1000 different variations of shoes, more than likely, you would walk out of the store empty-handed and feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

On the other hand, if you were to go to a boutique store where the shop assistant was to bring you 3 magnificent pairs of shoes that met your criteria, you would walk out of the store with an incredible pair of shoes that you love!

Dating works in a very similar fashion. You see, if you focus on volume and you search through endless profiles, your likely hood of finding love is significantly reduced. Your mind can only focus on a certain amount of information before it goes into overwhelmed and gives up.

If you are very specific about quality and focus purely on your ideal outcome, connection, aligned values, and attraction with a very targeted approach, the opportunity to find love increases significantly. That is how matchmaking can help you.

That’s the real difference between the DIY approach of online dating and apps versus seeing a specialist matchmaking and dating coach. At Blue Label Life, we do all the searching, screening and matching for you.

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We understand as a busy professional; you want quality; you want someone like-minded that you connect with on a deeper level with aligned values so that you can share your life and dreams together.

At Blue Label Life, we show you how to attract and meet someone using our expertise and the incorporation of compatibility testing, photo profiling and getting to know your needs personally.

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So to answer the question of whether it is true the smarter you are, the more likely you are to be single, it is a matter of yes and no.

The more intelligent you are, generally the high pressure your role is, which means less time for play, which means that networks can be reduced; if, however, you are purely focused on finding love, you will.

That is why outsourcing is so important. The more intelligent you are, the more you value the assistance of an expert to point you in the right direction and get you connected so that you can fall in love.

Like a trusted advisor, we help you find the relationship you have always wanted.

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