Success Stories

John, the CEO, met Kimberley, the doctor, and went from time-poor to love-rich!

John, 37, worked long hours and travelled extensively, limiting his opportunities to meet single like-minded ladies.

Kimberley, 33, was ready to meet Mr Right, but found herself in a similar situation after returning from overseas. She was doing shift work at the hospital, most of her friends were now married and bars or clubs were not her scene.

“With Blue Label Life’s help, I was introduced to a fantastic lady and I’ll always be grateful. Sam’s strength is the level of care she demonstrates for each individual she is assisting, and the pleasure she takes in their happiness. Her views and insights provide an added level of value above a standard service and make it more akin to being helped by a friend.  Indeed, it was her conviction that my girlfriend and I would be a good match that led to me being where I am now. By working with Sam, you’re gaining a friend and giving yourself a great chance of meeting that special someone.”
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