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Scott, 42, the property developer, had a life changing experience through a style makeover that lead him to Belinda.

“After years focusing on my career I suddenly reached my early 40?s and started to think about my options for starting a family, most of my friends had settled which was motivated me make a change. After hearing about Blue Label Life and its success in the Melbourne Age I decided to contact the agency. Little did I know that this call would take me down a completely new path, we started with a style makeover, I hesitated at first however looking back I really had no idea about style! The stylist revamped my image gave me a new look and more confidence. After my image overhaul my dates began. I met some amazing ladies, intelligent, attractive with great qualities; it wasn’t until I met Belinda my third date that I knew I found my wife. She was just everything I had been looking for my whole life! I feel grateful to have such a wonderful lady in my life. Thank you Blue Label Life!”

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