Should you date someone you work with?

It makes practise sense doesn’t it or does it?
We are spending longer hours at work early starts late nights often lots of travel in between whether it be overseas, interstate and to and from work not to mention the odd late night corporate function. All this has a huge impact on our lifestyles let alone the dating landscape in Australia reducing social circles significantly. So after a few failed attempts of not meeting the right person at a bar or club and the concerns for privacy online, exhausting your current network and nowhere else to look the next natural step for most people would be to look for someone from work, after all you’d obviously have some common ground.  Well maybe on paper but what are the consequences?

Office Romance

Personally from the horror stories I have heard I think finding love in the work place is a little like eating the forbidden fruit, exciting at first, particularly when you keep the secret from the rest but facing the music is not a pretty sight. With tight company policies there are many risks associated with an office romance, the most significant you could be putting your job on the line, potentially be facing a sexual harassment case or creating a future of an uncomfortable work environment. Imagine if the feelings weren’t mutual could you face that person again?

What would you do if a colleague took an interest in you?  Would you cross that line?

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