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Review of Blue Label Life’s Singles Event – 19 July 2011

Posted by Victoria Armstrong (guest blogger)

Beautiful young women with umbrella on rainy day .As I skipped through the rain dodging puddles in my leaking ballet flats, I wondered what the night would bring. I’d coaxed one of my only single friends into being my ‘wing-wo-man’ to a Blue Label Life singles bash at Sydney’s ECQ Bar. We met underneath Circular Quay station where we swapped flats for heels and huddled under our only umbrella – Sydney hadn’t seen this kind of weather for over sixty years!

The bar came into view in the distance and from where we were standing, the turn-out didn’t seem all that bad. I linked my mate’s arm and proclaimed “all we can hope for is more of a sausage sizzle than a lilypad!”.

That’s certainly what we got.

Singles from all ages donned their best after work rags in the hope of finding their ‘one and only’. Champagne flowed and beer fizzed, which almost helped numb the fear of the unknown. Some people found it easy to mingle through the crowd, where others seemed to stay put in their already formed groups. At one point, I remember saying; “I seem to be gravitating toward more women than men”. Hmm…

As the crowd dissipated, phone numbers and business cards were exchanged and my girlfriend and I both left smiling after scoring dates – now we just have to wait and see.

All in all, a successful event – even if we were a bit soggy!

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