Six Signs He is in Love With You

Six Signs He is in Love With You

There is no greater feeling in this world than to love and be loved in return. It is such an love ecstatic achievement to be able to have this kind of relationship where there is great, mutual love for each other.

But how can you determine if you and your significant other are nearing that stage? Sadly, a flower’s petals can’t give you an answer whether he loves you or he loves you not. Though men take a longer time to admit how they feel and actually say it, there are obvious signs to tell. Generally, women are quicker in expressing their feelings to their partners compared to men who may not be verbally expressive.

Do you want to know if your guy’s head over heels in love with you? Here are six signs he is in love with you:

1.He shows interest

He gets interested with every detail about you. He values your views and listens to your day to day mantra. He pays attention to your habits and admires your character. He cares about you and how your day unfolds.

2.He spends most of his time with you

Are you noticing that he suddenly wants to be with you every chance he gets? That’s because he misses you. His priorities begin to shift. love

3.He gently touches you

When he starts to affectionately touch you in public or when you’re out with his friends, he is like announcing you are his and his alone, he can’t seem to get his hands off you, and for men, that says so much. He may even initiate cuddling without expecting anything further.

4.He wants to go travelling with you 

He’s keen to go away with you on an overseas holiday or trip and will even pay for your Phuket Villas or your airfare. This is a real sign that he is into you.

5.He talks about the future

If he starts to express about his plans for the future with you in it, then he’s totally in love with you. He might start asking about marriage and kids or may joke about it then he is giving you hints about the future and has no plans of letting you go.

6.He tells you “I love you”

This is pretty obvious! Believe him when he says so because it takes time for men to actually admit it to themselves and longer time to admit it to their partners.

Carefully heed the signs ladies and you will surely know if he’s in love with you.

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