Strike that Perfect Work - Love Life Balance

Imagine going home, exhaustework life balance d from the daily demands of your work, those seemingly endless deadlines, apparent unstoppable phone calls and the possibly permanent paper works. When all you wanted was a good night’s rest upon arriving home, someone is waiting with a disgruntled expression on his face, probably hurt because you have to cancel on the last minute on that dinner date he had been planning for weeks.

You can avoid that unwanted situation, all you need is to Strike that Perfect Work – Love Life Balance. Yes, the one where you don’t get to worry about love when you go to work, and you don’t get to worry about work when you are spending your time with your partner. It exists!

Just keep in mind that there is a time for everything, a time for work and most especially a time for love. Here’s how to strike that perfect work – Love Life Balance:

1.The Classic Categorization

Let’s not mix work and love, basically that’s how this first step works as long as you both know and understand your priorities. Compartmentalize! Let work be work and let love be love, like setting apart two different things and leave it as that. Work while you work and just focus on your partner while you are spending time together. This is a classic one, but it never grows old!

2.Time Management

Sometimes you just get overwhelmed with your profession but that is never a reason to stop spending time with your partner. Manage your time well, perhaps you can eat together before heading to work. Set up a system at work that will help you finish on time and make everything simpler and faster. If you can spend hours in your workplace then surely you can make time with who matters in your life. After all, having a progressive career and a lasting love life at the same time can be very fulfilling.

3.Keep in Touch

It matters that you stay connected! Send a text or two to your special someone during work breaks to let him know how you are thinking about him, small gestures like this has a sweet and enduring effect, which makes you more enthusiastic to see your partner at the end of the day. Keeping a work – love life balance is a must if you want to keep both important aspects in your life. Don’t leave the other one hanging when you can carry both with confidence with the help of above steps.

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