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We still get so excited every time two clients fall head over heels in love.

We value all of our incredible clients, both men and women, who have taken the time to share their Blue Label Life successful match stories. Our matchmaking and elite dating journey is such an individual experience of growth, education and empowerment, getting you ready for the next chapter in your life.

Kimberley, 25, Advertising Executive

“I’ve been meaning to drop you a note for a bit but just wanted to make sure of things and then and time has just run away. One of the…

Anastasia, 36, the teacher, retired from online dating and met her match through Blue Label Life!

After several online dating nightmares I was looking for a more genuine approach to meeting quality men and ultimately the one! After reading through thousands of online profiles I came…

Scott, 42, the property developer, had a life changing experience through a style makeover that lead him to Belinda.

“After years focusing on my career I suddenly reached my early 40?s and started to think about my options for starting a family, most of my friends had settled which…

Jennifer, 55, met Keith, 58, and are now both officially smitten!

“I can’t believe I am so happy with Keith.  He is seriously the sweetest guy I have EVER met.  I was saying to my brother yesterday, I can’t see myself…

James, the finance manager, met Kylie, the fashion designer, and together they have a rich life!

“Using the services of a professional matchmaker made perfect sense to me. I was really not interested in scaling the bars and most of the girls that I had met…

Catherine met Peter and two years later they’re a family!

“Everything with Pete is amazing – we celebrated two years at Icebergs last week. There were flowers, a massage and facial, and we went up to Leura over the weekend. I…

Danielle, the journalist, met Mark, the banker, and eight months later they set a date!

Danielle, 40, had almost given up on finding Mr Right, until she took the advice of a friend and hired Blue Label Life. A few weeks she was introduced to…

John, the CEO, met Kimberley, the doctor, and went from time-poor to love-rich!

John, 37, worked long hours and travelled extensively, limiting his opportunities to meet single like-minded ladies. Kimberley, 33, was ready to meet Mr Right, but found herself in a similar…

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