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Successful Matches & Testimonials

We still get so excited every time two clients fall head over heels in love.

We value all of our incredible clients, both men and women, who have taken the time to share their Blue Label Life successful match stories. Our matchmaking and elite dating journey is such an individual experience of growth, education and empowerment, getting you ready for the next chapter in your life.

My life has changed for the bettter!

"Since working with Blue Label Life, I am happy, more confident, fulfilled and now engaged! I learned from you something revelatory: men want to make women happy. Sometimes they don’t…

We are still in love 5 years on!

Just thought I’d touch-base with you, to let you know that Richard and I are still going strong and very much in love. Can you believe it's been 5 years from the…

This is the woman I’ve been waiting for!

Great news, Amanda and I went out on our 3rd date over the weekend, it was amazing, we get along so very well, this is the woman I’ve been waiting…

Blue Label Life has taught me invaluable lessons about myself.

“Firstly, that my insecurities are my own and not necessarily the opinions of others. This in itself has been such a liberating insight! Secondly, I am putting myself out there…

Michael and I had a little baby girl recently, Annabelle is now 7 weeks old!

"After looking everywhere I finally met my man at Blue Label Life. It all happened so quickly. I have to laugh I can’t believe I said no to his profile…

I love every moment I’ve spent with him.

“Thank you so much to introducing me to David. I couldn't have asked to meet a more fun and genuine guy... he is special :) I love every moment I've…

He proposed!

“I had an amazing day with Patrick- sailing on the Sydney harbour.  As the sunset, out came the champagne, he started to read me a poem he had written for…

I almost Gave Up!

It's 'ON' with Michelle, I’m ready to jump off from BLL. She is perfect and I will do my very, very best for her. Thank you Blue Label Life I…

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