For Men: Your Super Hero Self and Perfect Match is below:

You Answered Mostly A

You are a natural born leader you are Captain America. You are driven and goal orientated and like to be boss.

Captain America?

You set a high standard for yourself and others. People trust you as their leader, they feel safe with you. You like to take charge of situations and are very focused on facts, hard values and results. You are efficient, effective and practical.

You enjoy power roles and leading others, you are often found in management, run your own company, a CEO, or lawyer anything powerful that involves leadership.

Once you make up your mind you will stick to it, you are not easily swayed by the opinion of others.

You are a visionary, decisive and optimistic and will fight until the end, you believe in justice. You are a dedicated friend with a good sense of right and wrong. You are all about justice, fairness and individualism. You always try to do the right thing yet are often faced with moral dilemmas.

Your best Match is Storm.

When you want that girl you go get the girl, there is no stopping you.

In a relationship you like to be the man. You oozes masculinity for this reason you are best suited with a woman in touch with her femininity.

You often date women who are strong alpha females only to find in the end you end up competing with each other which kills off the passion. There is only room for one boss in your relationship and that is you.

 Your best matched with Storm.

Storm is in touch with her feminine side, she will admire your strength.

You Answered Mostly B

You ooze charisma and charm from every pore of your body. You are billionaire playboy, Tony Stark. Or as we all know him, Iron Man.

Iron man

Iron man loves attention so much that unlike other super heroes who like to maintain a secret identity, he doesn’t. The more attention the better. You have unshakeable self-confidence.

You enjoy careers in sales, communications, marketing, PR, advertising, you thrive in a team environment are the motivator.

You are quick witted with a sharp intellect and always think on your toes.

You love to have fun and are very playful. You are highly energised and the life of the party. You are the person people go to when they want to experience something fun or to feel good. You get bored easily especially with routine.

You are curious, clever, hyper knowledgeable and upbeat. As a leader, he is inspiring and enthusiastic.

Your perfect match is Jubilee.

You want a girl with a playful nature, for you the most important thing is someone to play with that is equally as adventurous as you. Jubilee will keep you on your toes, she is cheeky, intelligent and will be attracted to your enthusiasm and admire your positivity. The two of you can make anything happen.

 You love a woman who admires you someone you can talk for hours with.  A woman who loves adventure and inspires you! You need someone playful and energised to keep up with you.

You are a true visionary and for a woman to truly win you over she must win over your mind.

You Answered Mostly C

You are loyal, empathetic and patient, you have a heart the size of the moon. You are Professor X.

Professor X?

Professor X is incredibly powerful, he can control and read minds.

You are more of a feeler than a thinker. You are known for being steady, stable and predictable. You have strong family values and would like a society where everyone supported each other. You like to be comfortable and are good at putting others at ease, you are a master at making other people feel good.

You are even tempered, friendly sympathetic and very loyal. You strive for safety, stability peace and comfort.

You genuinely care about others and have a tendency to put others before you.

You are a master strategist possess commitment to your vision which involves directing your creativity towards improved systems. You are organised.

You tend to be in caring career paths such as teacher, mentor, and administrator, anywhere that needs has a strong team is well suited for you.

You have a calming and meditative influence. You are an exceptional listener, preferring close personal relationships. You are reliant, dependable, and enjoy harmony.

Your perfect match is Emma Frost.

You are looking for a woman with stability, certainty and consistency.

Emma Frost will appreciate your calming influence as she can have a tendency to over think things with her analytical mind.

She craves safety, security and just like you prefers close personal relationships as opposed to large groups.

You fall in love with a woman with intelligence, you love a woman’s mind. You love a woman who challenges your intellect, a woman who is independent and self-sufficient.

You Answered Mostly D

You are highly intelligent, and like to solve problems. You are logical rational and precise, you Man of Steel, you are Superman.


You prefer to work alone and behind the scenes. You are extremely meticulous, thorough and orderly, you are a deep thinker and often misunderstood.

You spend a lot of time in your man cave as the intellectual Clark Kent, calculating, analysing. That’s where you come up with all of your magnificent ideas and solutions.

You are introverted, controlled, and quiet. You are cautious and always have plan B, just in case. Whenever you feel under pressure you re-treat into your cave to strategize and work through problems so that you knows exactly what your next move will be.

You are at your best when you train physically because it prevents your mind into going into overdrive. On the surface you appear mild, however in your head you are one imaginative individual.

When there is danger or a problem that needs solving you are superman a real hero and save your damsel in distress or anyone you care about.

You are organised, orderly, systematic, and neat and like the details.

You tend to be in a career where you work alone, accountant, professor, analyst, finance.

Your perfect match is wonder woman?

You love a strong woman, in fact you admire her and put her on a pedestal.

You’re the man that wants to look at his woman from afar and be proud of her. Since you avoid the limelight you are happy for your woman to be in the limelight.

Wonder woman is good for you, she brings you out of your shell.

She brings out the best in you and deep down behind her strong character she needs a man to support her. You are the man for this. Just like Louis and Clark this is an amazing powerful dynamic.

For Women : Your Super Hero Self and Perfect Match is below:

You Answered Mostly A

You are a doer, you are direct, decisive and get things done. You are an ambassador. You are a leader, you step up and take control of any situation. You are wonder woman.

Wonder Woman

A princess, warrior who fights who fights for peace and justice. You can disarm opponents instantly with a blink of an eye. You are self-sufficient fighter with a strong resilience.

You are quick thinking and decisive. You can be described as dominant, and would prefer to lead than follow.

You have high standards of behaviour for yourself and expect the same from others.

In your career you tend to lean towards management and leadership positions. You are a risk taker and others feel safe with you, they look to you for guidance and direction.

You are a big picture thinker with big goals and tangible results. You challenge the status quo and think in a very innovative way. You like to be in charge.

You love a challenge and goal setting. You are a master delegator and would prefer to direct others than to the mundane tasks. You crave freedom from control and supervision.

Your perfect match is superman.

You are a strong powerful woman with an alpha energy. You like to be in charge and want a man with great strength. Superman is your man. He is your perfect match because he admires your drive, and ambition, rather than compete with you he support you.

In the early days of dating you often go for a man who is equally as competitive as you on the outside. This only leads to heart ache as the dynamic of your strong forces kills’ chemistry.

Superman is the man for you for the long haul.

You Answered Mostly C

You are loyal. You are sympathetic, friendly, and supportive. You are an exceptional listener and a team player. You are Storm.


A former, “goddess”, and queen, Storm is a veteran member and mainstay of the X-Men.

You are cooperative, nurturing, and helpful a leader of all things known a traditional helper. You are found in roles such as nurse, event planner or administration.

You have a huge heart and are extremely caring, you tend to take on others emotions as you can’t help but rescue those in need. You have a soft quiet demeanour and are extremely in touch with your feminine side.

You are a loyal friend and protect those close to you especially family. You like to be behind the scenes and work hard. You prefer a stable, harmonious environment. You are patient, stick with a project till completion. Your goal is to help people.

You are extremely loyal, have clearly defined and unchanging rules. You like to work in small groups of people where you can develop close relationships.

You are always the first to make sure that everyone around you is comfortable. You dislike sudden unexpected change and aggressive confrontational people.

You are excellent at calming tensions, stabilising situations, people come to you because they know you are dependable and a team player. You are a peacemaker. You have the ability to see good in almost anyone or anything.

Your perfect match is Captain America.

You ooze femininity and captain America oozes masculinity, you have the ultimate yin and yang energy. You love a strong man who is your hero and takes care of you.

Captain America loves that you are calming and have a huge heart with close connections, you bring out the best in each other.

You feel supported with him and comfortable that he is in the limelight, you are happy to accompany him at events and dinners. He takes exceptional care of you and you like that.

 You Answered Mostly B

The life of the party, the true free spirit, a people pleaser. You are effervescent, enthusiastic and excitable, childlike and playful. You are Jubilee.


You have a broad range of interests, and an ability to learn things quickly, you are an extremely flexible, adaptable and improvising to a situation.

People find you irresistible, due to your energy, sparkling attitude which can often find yourself thrust into the spotlight. You are seem by peers as a leader or guru.

You excel in careers such as musician, actor, PR, coach, social worker, psychologist, journalist and various occupations requiring communication skills. Repetitive roles that require a lot of detail and routing maintenance are not your strengths. You thrive where you can come up with original solutions.

You know how to relax and are capable to switching from passionate driven idealist to free spirit on the dancefloor. You have an ability to connect emotionally with others. You are emotional and sensitive particularly if you step on someone’s toes.

You are warm, kind, sympathetic, affectionate and spontaneous.

Your perfect match is Ironman.

You are playful, fun and energised and need a man who is passionate and positive. You love a man who is charming, talkative, vibrant and outgoing.

Iron man is a perfect match for you as the two of you are like peas in a pod, your minds are so powerful and creative with your enthusiasm anything is possible.

Iron man loves the fast pace life and this excites you. The two of you are social butterflies and best friends.

 You Answered Mostly D

Your friends know they can count on you to always keep a cool head, even under the greatest pressure.  You are Emma Frost.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost is a mutant who possesses various telepathic talents. Emma can read minds and project her thoughts into the minds of others. Your mind is your most powerful weapon.

You project and aura of self-confidence sometimes this is mistaken as arrogance. You like details, and prefer specifics rather than general. You are a master in your field.

An absolute perfectionist and have an endless capacity for improving things that take your interest. You have an incredible imagination.

You are a systems builder, seize opportunities that others may not even notice. You easily develop unique solutions to complex problems.

Your perfect career choices involve a combination of intellect especially in the sciences and engineering, accounting, a university professor, and some areas of law and finance.

You are a private person and are driven by making sense of things. You like certainty and it takes time for people to gain your trust and into your circle, however once you open your heart you are friends forever.

You are extremely loyal. You tend to spend a lot of time on your own, you prefer one on one as opposed to large groups.

Your perfect match is : Professor X

You like a man who is stable, caring and kind hearted, as this is you internally. Most people see you as more clinical and analytical however those who know you discover you are very soft and sensitive with a big heart.

Professor X is a mirror of you, you understand each other, you likes that you are a deep thinker.

You like that he is grounded and family orientated. The two of you grow into an unbreakable bond as time goes on. You are both extremely loyal and prefer smaller groups and closer connections.

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