The Road To Happiness

happiness Happiness is a destination as much as it is a choice. And that means that you can steer yourself towards the direction of happiness. Navigating through the roadmap of finding true joy in life involves key strategies to help you achieve fulfillment in your life. Following these seven principles of will leave you more fulfilled and satisfied with your life; the penultimate reward of which is to be happy.

#1 Embrace your values.

To live the good life, live through your values and see how doing so add more happiness to your days. If you value and love your work, excel in it. If you find fulfillment in helping others, find a way to give back.

#2 Set your own happiness-meter.

Look at how happy you are right now and start from there and work your way up until you are fulfilled. Most people commit the mistake of comparing themselves with others and gauge their happiness based on how other people measure theirs. You see others travelling and living the luxurious life and suddenly you think you are living a lesser existence. But you have to think whether the things that make other people happy are the same things that will make you happy. So long as you keep up with the Joneses, you will never find genuine happiness.

#3 Live a meaningful life.

When all your material gains are taken away from you, you will only be left with experiences and moments. Therefore, it is much more rewarding to make your actions, choices, and life’s moments really count. This is achieved by determining who you want to be.

#4 Do more of what really makes you happy.

Stop living your life for other people. Don’t fall into the trap of meeting their expectations and keeping them happy while you are miserable. Learn the accept that the choices and decisions you make that lead to your happiness may sometimes be faced with admonishment from others.

#5 Avoid the “What ifs” in life.

When you keep on wondering on how things will turn out instead of doing things, you are stalling your happiness. You are putting yourself on an indefinite hold. Happiness is not absolute and continuous, but it can be achieved. Don’t be set back by the prospect of encountering difficulties. Because the reality is, when you have finally traversed one mountain, another one is waiting for you at the end of it.

#6 Don’t get frustrated easily.

It is easy to get frustrated when things don’t go your way. In fact, it’s a natural human reaction. But making it your go-to feeling every single time you are met with an obstacle to your personal fulfillment and happiness, it’ll eat away the joy in your life. Choose not to be flustered with all the little things that don’t seem to go your way. Things happen because they happen and you can’t control that. But your attitude and the way you react to situations are entirely up to you.

#7 Take control.

Your life is a montage of scenes of which you are the sole director and cinematographer. You have the power to make it beautiful by focusing on the positive. Be thankful for the things that go your way and learn from the things that don’t.

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