To kiss, or not to kiss?

To kiss, or not to kiss. That is the question! Quite a big question really, and one which is often over analysed by single men and women out there on the dating scene. If you ask me, I think kissing on the first date is a very personal thing. Some like to do it, others like the anticipation waiting a few dates.
The idea of playing tonsil hockey with a complete stranger is not my idea of a great night out. I love mystery and anticipation. There is nothing like getting to know a person first and keep them guessing. “The old does he/she like me?” raises anticipation levels to their peak, which ultimately pays off once the question is finally answered.


You can’t go wrong with a cheeky kiss on the cheek, a sexy whisper in the ear and flirty gazes. Men, make sure you smell incredible. Girls, keep those glossy lips pursed and make that man work.  The trick is to keep your date wanting more of you, but not getting any more until next time….
Penny for your thoughts. Do you like to kiss on the first date?

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