Two Ways To End A Great First Date!

So your date is off to a great start and you were able to keep it going with subtle flirtations throughout with the delicate touch here and there… how do you end a great first date? Relationships experts from Blue Label Life, a professional dating agency in Australia, give the following pieces of advice to help you leave the best impression possible on your first date.

Don’t keep prolonging your dateend a first date

Sure, you may be having a great time and you decided to go to a coffee shop after dinner but make sure your first date doesn’t go longer than two hours. It will keep your investment low and help build anticipation for the next date. No matter how much chemistry you feel, keep your date short.

Forget about the three day rule

When you really like someone, don’t wait for days to tell them you had a good time. You can call on the way home and let your date know you’re breaking the three-day rule simply because you simply wanted to call. This also shows you’re done playing games which will leave a lasting impression on your date.

It’s not too late to find someone to go on a great first date with. It’s time to take the serious approach to dating and sign up with the best Sydney dating agency!

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