Wedding crashers

I’m going to a friend’s wedding with my fiancée and my ex will be there. I haven’t told my fiancée yet, but knowing her, she’s not going to be happy about it. I need a plan of attack. How am I going to tell my fiancée, and how do I make it through the big day?
Carter, via email

Your fiancée is numero uno in this situation. Tell her how hard it’s been for you to muster the courage to mention who’s on the guest list. Tell her that you thought that if she found out, she may have had econd thoughts about coming, and you couldn’t bear to see your mate tie the knot without her by your side.


If you happen to cross paths at the wedding, don’t run away. Introduce Ms. Right to Ms. Wrong, talk about what a beautiful day it is, and excuse yourself with your fiancée. Avoid leaving your fiancée alone for extended periods, regardless of how many people she may know at the wedding. An already uncomfortable fiancée running into a potentially jealous ex spells drama.

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