What You Should Never Do At The Office Christmas party.


The alcohol is overflowing and everyone is breaking free from the stress of your 8-5 job. While it may be the perfect time to relax, it can also be that time when your job will clash with your borderline alcoholism. You might think it’s just a small negligible detail, but the devil is always in the details. But you don’t have to suffer the consequences of your alcohol-induced misbehaviour, so long as you don’t do any of these. xmas party

  1. Stalking the waiters for free booze. Everyone’s staring at you and they’re silently concluding that you have drinking problems.
  2. Wear something that catches everyone’s attention… in a bad way. Sure you want to get out of your pantsuit, but it is not an excuse to seemingly wear nothing at all.
  3. Speak words you’ll definitely regret. Getting drunk and badmouthing your boss or your colleagues or make them the punch lines to your jokes will not only elicit laughter but a termination letter as well.
  4. Dance like it’s the 80s. Only a very select few can pull off conquering the dance floor and still have their dignity intact. Make sure you’re one of those before you start gyrating amidst everyone’s incredulous stares.
  5. Consider the party as a performance appraisal night with your boss. It’s a party. Period.
  6. Flirt your way to office gossip. You’ve had a few cocktails and your colleague appears hotter than he usually is but the repercussions of cozying up to an officemate extends beyond party hours— especially if everyone’s watching.
  7. Be in every photo. Everyone’s having fun and you wouldn’t have time to check how you look. If you don’t want to have to deal with scandalous photos in social in the ensuing days, face away from the flashes of camera.
  8. Display sexual inclination. You have the hots for someone your senior so you think it’s perfectly okay to rub off that energy when you’ve had too much to drink. Definitely not okay.
  9. Get in a verbal or physical confrontation. Or suffer the wrath of smirks and stares when you walk down the hallway to work for the rest of eternity.
  10. Skip work the morning after. Having too much fun is not an excuse to miss out on work you’re getting paid to do. Even Christmas parties can’t change company policy.
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