10 Challenges Busy Professionals Face When It Comes To Dating

Let’s face it: dating can be an absolute nightmare.

Being single, going on endless dates and putting on your dating face each time is exhausting. And, for busy professional people with a hectic and demanding job, going on dates is an arduous task. Following are 10 obstacles busy professionals and executives have when it comes to dating and finding a partner. See if you recognise any of these and find ways to help overcome them, making it easier to start dating.

Time Poor: Busy professionals will have demanding work schedules. They are running from meeting to meeting, managing people, being accountable and playing the corporate role. So how will they find the time to date, build meaningful connections with people, and fall in love if their job is essentially their life?

Stamina: Busy work schedules, including going to the gym to destress, can leave you feeling flat and burnt out, and the last thing you want to do is go on a date. How will you get that burst of energy and be enthusiastic for a date? Most execs will put downtime at home before meeting new people.

Priorities: What’s more important: working back and perhaps going to the office on the weekend or putting effort into meeting someone and finding your next partner? Career-driven professionals will put their work first and their love life down the list of priorities. When it comes to a work-life balance, in their case, it’s work, work, work!

Can’t Co-ordinate Schedules: If you’re going to date another professional or busy executive, finding quality time to spend together may prove too hard. What happens if one partner has to travel constantly and the whole long-distance relationship comes into play? Busy people with hectic jobs and perhaps kids from a previous marriage will find it challenging to have spare time.

Unrealistic Expectations: Busy professionals and high-powered executives, CEOs, etc, have achieved their position because they have high standards, which may also translate into the people they seek. Will their standards and expectations be too unrealistic?

Communication Challenges: Busy people may find it hard to answer texts, messages, and emails or become engaged in the other’s social media profiles, leading to a communication breakdown. In the early stages of a relationship, both partners must be freely communicating. And, with a mobile phone, there’s no excuse for a very quick response or emoji reply. If you’re too busy for this, it can spell disaster.

Stress and Pressure: High-pressure careers and demanding jobs can add stress and anxiety to people, affecting their ability to meet other people and find a partner. If you are too stressed out and highly strung, the other person will pick up on this, and it’s not a good look, especially for first dates.

Travel: Some careers require frequent travel overseas, making it almost impossible to maintain a domestic relationship.

Social Stigma: In some office cultures, working late, even till 8 or 9 pm, is common practice and ducking out for a date is frowned upon by other work colleagues and managers. Believe it or not, it does happen.

Lost your mojo: For guys in their late 40s, 50s or even 60s, being single and in a demanding career can mean that your sex drive has gone and the last thing you feel like doing is dating.

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