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Refresh your Love life

Refresh your Love Life, how do we change our love life? What do we need to do to have something different? When we want something to change in our lives we need to do something different. It helps to make a decision on what we want and how we want it to be. Once we make that decision we commit to it and it unfolds. To refresh and change your love life into what you want, first you must make a decision, then you believe and trust it is your turn and put yourself infront of people who want the…

The Power of Matchmaking for Singles

Imagine having your own personal wing woman in dating someone like a friend who empowers you, and who you can ask any question about your potential match such as their energy, the type of partner they are looking for, what they are attracted to, their core values, the type of relationship they want? No more confusion, no more guessing, imagine if all the filtering was done for you? I hand pick potential partners with similar values, similar lifestyle, and have the same relationship goals as you, all you need to do is have fun, connect and discover..

What does a matchmaker do?

A quick chat with Robyn the director of Blue Label Life. Here she answer a few questions on when she started the business, how long she has been in the dating agency and what type of people use her dating service. Really informative and well worth watching if your thinking about joining.

Why it is best not to speak about past relationships on a first date

Why it is best not to speak about past relationships on a first date...I have been matchmaking for over 15 years and I often receive feedback about people speaking too much about past relationships...this can create negativity and become a counselling session...or the other person may think you are still in love with your ex and not ready to move forward...It is best to keep the first date fun, uplifting and positive

What to say when you are asked a question you don’t want to answer on a first date

What to say when you are asked a questions you don't want to answer on a first date.... sometimes when we are on a first date we are asked a question we don't want to answer, and we can feel awkward or not know what to say. I have been matchmaking for over 15 years and some of the feedback I receive is the other person was defensive. This can happen if we are uncomfortable and can happen if we are put on the spot. It is important to remember we have control and can steer the conversation. One thing…

The truth is everyone has baggage, it is smarter to look at how someone deals with their baggage

Many people, men and women come to me saying they want someone who doesn't have any baggage...the truth is every human has baggage, baggage can mean many different things. A restricting belief can be baggage. It is much smarter to look at how someone deals with their baggage. If a person grows and learns from their baggage and continues to love with an open heart, then they are pretty awesome and would make a wonderful partner

Don’t look for the one when dating and how to manage your expectations and be kind to yourself

When we look for the one we put too much pressure on ourselves and the outcome, and in turn on the other person. Give yourself a break, be kind to yourself and others, give yourself a timeframe of 6 months and look at dating as a journey and a growing experience to learn about yourself. Appreciate every connection as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Try not to confuse Chemistry with Compatiblity

Try not to confuse Chemistry for Compatibility, when we feel a strong chemistry with someone we often think that means we are compatible, or if we don't feel a strong chemistry we think it means we aren't compatible. When we are compatible, the chemistry and spark can develop and grow into something amazing!

Ladies! A man will always show you how he feels towards you

A man will always let you know how he feels towards you, if you find yourself confused about how a man feels towards you, or you receive mixed messages from him,  that is because he is confused about how he feels towards you, or he has mixed feelings towards you, when a man values you and wants you in his life he is going to let you know and you won't have any doubts. Be a woman of value and sit back, give yourself love and only respond to effort

The best way to learn about someone is to show yourself first

Many people tell me they felt like they were on an interview on their first date, or they felt interrogated, or under pressure. When we ask question after question there isn't any room for romance, fun, passion, or flow. Treat your date like you would a new friend, open first. The best way to get to know someone is to show yourself first, talk and about what makes you feel good, what inspires you, what makes you happy, then the energy and connection will begin and then ask questions

What pushes men away…

I have been matchmaking for over 15 years, and I often hear men say they felt under pressure or the woman had expectations, this may not be something a woman says, it could be just their energy. The truth is men gravitate towards women they feel free and safe with.  So Ladies! Throw your expectations out the door! Sit back in your feminine energy, in your heart space and be in the receptive mode. Look at each interaction at a time and appreciate each connection and men will come forward...

How to turn Rejection into a Positive

We have all had Rejection in our lives....start embracing Rejection! It is the universe redirecting you to the right path, redirecting you to the right person, redirecting you to the right door and the right opportunity! Trust the universe is looking after you and working for you!
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