Blue Label Life Success Stories

We still get so excited every time two clients fall head over heels in love.

We value all of our incredible clients, both men and women, who have taken the time to share their Blue Label Life successful match stories. Our matchmaking and elite dating journey is such an individual experience of growth, education and empowerment, getting you ready for the next chapter in your life.

Natalie is getting married

“Dearest Robyn, hope you and the gang at Blue Label Life are doing well. Just wanted to let you know the exciting news- Daniel and I , who met through you guys – are getting married this year in December. Wanted to share the good news with you guys.
Thank you again for everything,
Kindest regards,


Louise B, 45 Optometrist in Sydney

After meeting with Robyn for the first time I knew I was in capable hands. A pleasure to work with and she has really gone above and beyond to help me meet a genuine man. Appreciate all her help. It took 3 dates but I finally met a guy I really like. I think this just may work out.

Aaron, 30 Biologist

Hi Robyn, Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Victoria.  We have the most amazing connection! We have spent so much time together and both of us could not be happier! We are both head over heels for one another! We are crazy about each other!  We both think we are a perfect match!Once again, thank you to you and Blue Label Life!

Aaron :)

Sam, 39, Enterpreneur

Well it has been a year now and Loretta and I are still going strong. It’s an amazing relationship. I have it all! Thank you for introducing me to my best friend’

Derek, 47, Advertising Executive

“Professional! Expect quality people. Fun, discreet and effective. What more could you want than having someone actively represent and promote you”.

Shane, 33, Strategic Partnership Manager

“Hi Sam just quick note to tell you that Natalie and I met several times last week and things are going great. Thank you for introducing to her she is a fantastic girl! Well done”.

Matt, 39, Stockbroker

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Bolly wood Nights event. I enjoyed great food, great entertainment, and most importantly great company.  Everyone at the event connected.  A night to remember! I can’t wait until the next event. Did I mention the cost of the Blue Label Life ticket was also very impressive, truly a company that looks after its members interests first ”

Simone, 35, Journalist

“The quality of women is exceptional successful, beautiful and intelligent. My social life has improved and I have been introduced to individuals I would have never meet in my daily walk of life”.

Kyle, 43, Business Owner

“What an evolution to the dating world.  I highly recommend Blue Label Life’s Client Headhunting service.  As a successful business man I was tired of the bar scene and dating someone from work was not a option.  The proactive approach was a truly positive experience I am now in a happy relationship, thank you BLL. Blue label Life membership is pricess!”.

Michael, 31, IT Executive

“You have provided me with impeccable guidance which has given me insight into myself and members of the opposite sex”.

Monique, 29, Designer

“Finding an amazing partner was a special moment for me. Complete professionalism from the initial contact and immediate attention to any concerns, thoughts, or questions. Your fitness and styling advice will stay with me forever”.

Paul, 60, Management

“After years of being an overworked executive it was time I focused on my personal life, hiring Blue Label as my matchmakers was priceless, thank you for introducing me to some of the most interesting women I have ever met! Now I have the relationship I have always dreamt of! Thank you”.

Phil, 58, Director

“Thank you Blue Label Life! I have made the best investment of my life, I have changed my lifestyle patterns and found my life partner and revamped my lifestyle and I have never felt better, looked better or experienced such happiness”.

Natalie, 44, Pharmacist

“My first introduction exceeded my expectations. The team at Blue Label; are true professionals listening and providing for my needs. Your professionalism and discretion mean so very much, but more importantly, you have a true gift of getting to know people and making great introductions. I am thrilled with the caliber of individuals I have met”.

Simone, 53, Doctor
“What a refreshingly different approach to meeting potential life partners. I found the thorough, test based and security assessed system of Blue Label to be very effective and the cost was very reasonable. I look forward to meeting more interesting members and have recommended your services to a number of friends and colleagues”.
What a refreshingly different approach to meeting potential life partners. I found the thorough, test based and security assessed system of Blue Label to be very effective. I look forward to meeting more interesting members and have recommended your services to a number of friends and colleagues.
Jolene, 29, Fashion Designer
“Apologies for not being in contact for ages, things have been really busy.  As I think Matt has already mentioned to you, things are going very well with us and I wanted to say thank you for your great work.  It is nice to see our relationship developing and in such a short time.
To be completely honest and off the record it wasn’t obvious to me at first but it is working well and it’s so nice to have someone special in my life again.
Thanks again, I’ll be in touch with an update”.
Janelle, 37, Lawyer
“Thank you so much for introducing me to Ben.  It is has been life changing! After working in London for 8 years returning home to Australia was overwhelming! Most of my friends had settled and moved away.  I knew I was ready to meet Mr Right yet had no idea where to start.
I can’t believe I found him within 6 weeks of coming home! I’m so happy I took a chance and outsourced to BLL.  I haven’t looked back since, without wanting to get too far ahead of myself it is very exciting!  PS am having fun passing on the recommendation to all my single girlfriends. “
Duncan, 26, Business Owner

“Thank you for introducing me to Sandy, she is gorgeous! I knew from the moment Sandy walked into the room that she was the girl for me. Her amazing smile, infectious laugh and genuine warmth just stopped me in my tracks. Together we are a great team! As best friends, we do so much together from traveling, skiing, surfing and even fishing! It just incredible to have a Sandy in my life! “

Kimberley, 25, Advertising Executive
“I’ve been meaning to drop you a note for a bit but just wanted to make sure of things and then and time has just run away. One of the things been keeping me busy has been moving in with Mark! Can you believe it! We are going strong and are now living together, very much in love and enjoying every moment together.”
I wanted to thank you so much. I really appreciated your tailored service and also your direction and advice – remember when I didn’t want to contact Mark and you kept on encouraging me?
As you know my industry is going through challenging times all I need to do now is change my work life to something more positive and I will be living my dream life but no matter what happens my love life is keeping me smiling thanks to you!”
Anastasia, 36, the teacher, retired from online dating and met her match through Blue Label Life!

After several online dating nightmares I was looking for a more genuine approach to meeting quality men and ultimately the one! After reading through thousands of online profiles I came to the conclusion that it was quality not quantity that was important.  The price of being online was hours of frustration, the price of Blue Label Life was success! Blue Label Life demonstrated this to be in fact true. I met  Dave on our first date and was so impressed we had so much in common, there was nothing to hide he genuinely was exactly like his profile if only I hadn’t taken action sooner! We are now buying our first home together!

Scott, 42, the property developer, had a life changing experience through a style makeover that lead him to Belinda.

“After years focusing on my career I suddenly reached my early 40?s and started to think about my options for starting a family, most of my friends had settled which was motivated me make a change. After hearing about Blue Label Life and its success in the Melbourne Age I decided to contact the agency. Little did I know that this call would take me down a completely new path, we started with a style makeover, I hesitated at first however looking back I really had no idea about style! The stylist revamped my image gave me a new look and more confidence. After my image overhaul my dates began. I met some amazing ladies, intelligent, attractive with great qualities; it wasn’t until I met Belinda my third date that I knew I found my wife. She was just everything I had been looking for my whole life! I feel grateful to have such a wonderful lady in my life. Thank you Blue Label Life!”

Jennifer, 55, met Keith, 58, and are now both officially smitten!

“I can’t believe I am so happy with Keith.  He is seriously the sweetest guy I have EVER met.  I was saying to my brother yesterday, I can’t see myself ever being happy with anyone else but Keith! He is so genuine, there are no games!  I also feel so comfortable with him. I find it effortless to spend time with him, the cost of the Blue Label Life was worth every cent.”

James, the finance manager, met Kylie, the fashion designer, and together they have a rich life!

“Using the services of a professional matchmaker made perfect sense to me. I was really not interested in scaling the bars and most of the girls that I had met out and about were not the caliber of girl I was interested in long-term. I just knew in the first five minutes of meeting Kylie that she was the one for me, her gorgeous smile, radiant energy and intelligence was really attractive qualities to me. It has now been 3 years and we have never looked back!”

Catherine met Peter and two years later they’re a family!

“Everything with Pete is amazing – we celebrated two years at Icebergs last week. There were flowers, a massage and facial, and we went up to Leura over the weekend. I am so happy, our little Billy is growing up so fast, we are now planning to give him a little sister. Thank you!”

Danielle, the journalist, met Mark, the banker, and eight months later they set a date!

Danielle, 40, had almost given up on finding Mr Right, until she took the advice of a friend and hired Blue Label Life. A few weeks she was introduced to Mark, 48. Eight months later, she sent us this…

“I thought I’d get in touch with a little update – about rings and holidays :) ) We’re thinking about engagement rings and I am so excited. I think the final one will be a surprise, but we thought we’d do some window-shopping together to find styles I like. In December we’re going to Phuket and Bangkok to recharge the batteries for 10 days…and boy, I can’t wai
John, the CEO, met Kimberley, the doctor, and went from time-poor to love-rich!

John, 37, worked long hours and travelled extensively, limiting his opportunities to meet single like-minded ladies.

Kimberley, 33, was ready to meet Mr Right, but found herself in a similar situation after returning from overseas. She was doing shift work at the hospital, most of her friends were now married and bars or clubs were not her scene.

“With Blue Label Life’s help, I was introduced to a fantastic lady and I’ll always be grateful. Sam’s strength is the level of care she demonstrates for each individual she is assisting, and the pleasure she takes in their happiness. Her views and insights provide an added level of value above a standard service and make it more akin to being helped by a friend.  Indeed, it was her conviction that my girlfriend and I would be a good match that led to me being where I am now. By working with Sam, you’re gaining a friend and giving yourself a great chance of meeting that special someone.”
My life has changed for the bettter!

“Since working with Blue Label Life, I am happy, more confident, fulfilled and now engaged!

I learned from you something revelatory: men want to make women happy. Sometimes they don’t know how to do that, but my boyfriend really wants to make me happy…and for the first time in my life I am actually letting a man take care of me.

A huge weight has lifted off my shoulders and I have reconnected with my feminie side. I feel so amazing!


Carol A.

We are still in love 5 years on!

Just thought I’d touch-base with you, to let you know that Richard and I are still going strong and very much in love. Can you believe it’s been 5 years from the moment I walked into the door of Blue Label Life? I still remember the day feeling so nervous about opening up, now I think if only I had done it sooner.

I remember thinking but I’ve tried everything, from online dating, speed dating, even blind dates! I had no idea where to start, all I knew was that what I was doing wasn’t working otherwise I would have a relationship. What I did know is that I was 100% committed to doing everything in my power to have that relationship I longed for and what that meant was that I needed to take action and change something about what I was doing and finally do it the right way.

I can’t thank you enough for the impact that you’ve had on my life.

Wishing you the happiest of moments throughout the year, I look forward to giving you updates.



This is the woman I’ve been waiting for!

Great news, Amanda and I went out on our 3rd date over the weekend, it was amazing, we get along so very well, this is the woman I’ve been waiting for, we’ve both agreed to see each other as much as possible and take it from there, I have a really great feeling about us. Thank you so much for introducing us, as we have so much in common and a great connection.

I am so happy right now, can’t thank you enough.



Business Development Manager

Blue Label Life has taught me invaluable lessons about myself.

“Firstly, that my insecurities are my own and not necessarily the opinions of others. This in itself has been such a liberating insight! Secondly, I am putting myself out there in a way that I never thought I would be capable of doing, and even more surprisingly.  I am loving every minute of it! 

I genuinely believe that I have learnt more than I could’ve wished for through this experience and I honestly believe it is teaching me the foundations of being open to being loved and loving oneself.

How very Dr Phil of me, but its true! “


Project Manager

Michael and I had a little baby girl recently, Annabelle is now 7 weeks old!

“After looking everywhere I finally met my man at Blue Label Life. It all happened so quickly. I have to laugh I can’t believe I said no to his profile the first time I saw it and because of encouragement from the Blue Label Life team that I took the chance and meet Michael. It is so true people that risk nothing, do nothing have nothing. If I didn’t take the chance I wouldn’t be holding baby Annabelle in my arms this very moment. I have so much more balance and pleasure in my life”.


Human Resource Manager

I love every moment I’ve spent with him.

“Thank you so much to introducing me to David. I couldn’t have asked to meet a more fun and genuine guy… he is special :)

I love every moment I’ve spent with him.

He is smart, driven, compassionate, and genuine and the best thing is we have such a connection which is a gift :)

My initial concerns was we location, now that is a thing of the past. He asked me to move in together and he is relocating his business to Sydney to be with me!!

Thank you so much for all your help, Blue Label Life.”


Opera Singer

He proposed!

“I had an amazing day with Patrick- sailing on the Sydney harbour.  As the sunset, out came the champagne, he started to read me a poem he had written for my birthday, it was so sweet, I started to cry with happiness, then he proposed!! I am so happy, I am still pinching myself.

Thank you so much for introducing Patrick to me, I still laugh at the fact that I hesitated meeting him and thanks to Blue Label Life’s support and positive encouragement I took the step. This is one step I will never look back from!”



I almost Gave Up!

It’s ‘ON’ with Michelle,

I’m ready to jump off from BLL.

She is perfect and I will do my very, very best for her.

Thank you Blue Label Life I was getting close to giving up on dating, but then you sent Michelle! She is such a beautiful woman, she has a gorgeous feminine presence about her, her style, her softness and I love that she is passionate about her job.



We are moving in together!!

“Bingo! Ben and I are going strong! From the moment we met really we hit it off.  He’s so romantic and strong.  He is such a good provider and my rock. We are catching up at the end of the week to talk about moving in together!!   I’m so excited. Thanks so much for introducing me to Ben.  Just my type of man!!!  Well done!”


Marketing Manager

I Met My Dream Woman!

“Charlotte is my dream woman. I’m moving to Melbourne to be Charlotte to say we are doing really well is an understatement.

I am really looking forward our future and have never felt so connected and accepted as a man ever before. I’ve been with Charlotte for 8 months.  Thankyou for introducing us I will always be so grateful to Blue Label Life”.


Just Married and expecting our first born


“I must admit I was sceptical at first; I had tried everything from online dating, singles events and exhausted my friend’s resources. I really wanted to find a relationship, I felt like time was ticking I was in my late 30’s and having a family was a priority. I started to think it was never going to happen for me. That was until I went to Blue Label Life. When I met Hayden I knew he was the one, we connected immediately and 12 months later we are newly married and expecting our first baby in June. I know things moved really quickly but I did have to consider my age, he was also in the same boat. Things are finally working out for me,  Hayden is the man I have been waiting for all my life”.


Interior Designer

Instant Connection, Same Values and Dreams!

Thanks so much for introducing Mark.  From the very first time we met, there was an instant connection, and we have spent a considerable amount of time together since.  I’m in Brisbane with my son this week and next, and Mark is flying in to meet my family on Friday.  We’re both really excited about it.  Mark’s mum is also planning to visit Sydney from New York soon to meet me.

We have the same values and dreams for the future, and having both experienced a similar disheartening experience in marriage, are really happy together. We’re both feeling really comfortable with each other, it’s like we have known each other for years.  I think our biggest arguments will be in working out who is cooking dinner each night – we both cook well, and both previously had partners who didn’t cook!

Again from us both thank you so much. ?




We Get to Know You

We get to know you and listen to your needs first before we set out on a mission to find your potential ideal matches. Even after having matched thousands of men and women successfully we still get excited every time two clients fall head over heels in love. This is what get’s us up each morning.

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