Robyn Nind - dating agency director at Blue Label Life
Robyn Nind - dating agency director at Blue Label Life

A bespoke, highly personal matchmaking service for professional singles


Blue Label Life is an exclusive Sydney dating agency, and we are here to change your perception of dating services. We have been in the dating and matchmaking area for over a decade and are known for our discreet, professional and ethical service. Meeting new people is easy thanks to our passionate and experienced matchmaking team, which only matches you with like-minded singles with the same life goals, values, and physical attraction.


Your time is too valuable to go on bad dates. With one of the largest and most selective networks in Sydney – from Bondi to Mosman – we play the field for you and get you the dates you want.


Since 2005, we have introduced thousands of eligible singles throughout Sydney, just like you. Are you ready to take that next step?

Why Blue Label Life?

  • No more random dates

    You have complete control over who you meet. There are no surprises, disappointments or time wasters.

  • Date with confidence

    Before a date we will share a photo, a detailed description of your match and will call you to discuss your questions and any concerns.

  • We handpick each match

    We get to know YOU. Your values, personality, goals, needs and wishes so we can match you with someone fun, interesting, attractive and inspiring. We will only introduce people that fit your profile and your personality. While we do understand that this is not always 100% possible we will continue to introduce you to people until we find you the right person you connect with.

  • You have the support of Robyn

    You have the support of Robyn, a relationship expert that understands the dating world and is your close confidant on your journey to find real love.

  • We are with you this journey

    We communicate with you regularly, face to face, virtually and over the phone. We are always available.

  • We make dating effortless

    We share constructive feedback
    after each date and ensure you are confident and successful throughout the process.

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We get it – dating in Sydney can be challenging

We know that Sydney’s dating scene can be challenging. With so many healthy, good-looking singles running around, how will you stand out, make your presence known and find someone you are attracted to both physically and mentally? And meet someone who is your equal both in careers and stage in life. How do you make a connection in a big city like Sydney, where lives are busy, people are distracted, and people are not looking for a genuine connection? It’s time to take control of your life.


This is where an exclusive dating agency like Blue Label Life can help.


All our clients are ready for a committed relationship. They want to share the next chapter of their life with someone like you. Blue Label Life has a broad clientele of single men and women throughout Sydney. We help professionals, executives, divorcees, widowers and seniors, and people from all stages and walks of life. If you want to find that spark to ignite your love life, all you have to do is join our agency – it’s that simple.


How does our dating service work?

  • 1

    We get to know you.

  • 2

    We conduct interviews, screenings, introductions, coaching, advice and more.

  • 3

    We match people by personalities, profiles, shared values and goals.

  • 4

    We share photos, a detailed description and call you BEFORE your date.

  • 5

    We follow-up and provide feedback.


Why is Blue Label Life different from other dating agencies?

Blue Label Life is different from other Sydney dating agencies because we only take on specific clients that meet our strict criteria & we thoroughly screen all our clients. Plus, we make sure all our clients take a compatibility test before our first meeting.

Another difference is you speak to Robyn the whole time and not an account manager or salesperson. Robyn will get to know you, your likes, dislikes, personality and will take a keen interest in making sure you meet someone special. It’s the personal touch that makes us different from other dating agencies. From your first contact throughout the whole dating process, Robyn is there by your side and only a phone call or zoom meeting away.

What type of singles use Blue Label LIfe's dating service?

Most of the people who use a dating agency are time-poor professionals who need the assistance of a professional agency to help them meet a partner. We are happy to work across the whole spectrum of single men and women throughout Sydney who take their love life and personal relationships seriously.

How many introductions will I get?

Generally speaking, it’s not the quantity of the introductions it’s the quality and you should be prepared to go on 2 dates per 3 months.

Do I receive feedback after the first date?

Yes, you do, and Robyn will thoroughly debrief you about the introduction and what they thought of you and the date. You will receive honest and truthful feedback about the date and advice on approaching the following introduction.

Do I get to see the photo of the introduction before meeting them?

All introductions will see the photo beforehand, which is unique to Blue Label Life as many Sydney dating agencies will not show you the picture of your intended date.

Im over 40 years of age, can your dating agency help me?

Yes, we can and many of our single men and women are over 40. For more information read this: Dating in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s

What happens if I don’t like the introduction?

We will assess why and then place you on another date that is more to your liking, which is part of our dating process. You’re not left in the dark wondering why there was no spark or connection ( in the rare case this happens ). We make sure you don’t lose confidence or motivation in finding a partner, which is why we are quick to find you a new date that’s more appropriate.

We eliminate the uncertainty and paranoia that can often affect your confidence by offering constructive advice, coaching and a helping hand before you go on your next date. Not too many other Sydney dating agencies provide this type of personalised service.

Can I get some dating advice and coaching as part of your Sydney dating service?

Yes, you can and Robyn our head matchmaker is here to offer advice and dating tips before you go on your first date.
Watch Robyn’s YouTube Channel here for lots of dating tips and advice.

Whatever 'someone special' means to you, we'll find them

  • John and I were introduced by Robyn and Blue Label Life.  After a wonderful few months dating, we became engaged to be married later this year.  We are very much in love and feel so lucky to have found one another.  Our friends and family say we are so well suited and that they have never seen us happier. After taking the plunge and contacting Robyn, she made the process so easy. She navigated me through meeting various people with discretion, empathy, wisdom, optimism and humour.  She really took the time to understand me and what I was looking for in a life partner.  It worked.  John and I are now happily planning our wedding and future life together.


  • Thank you Blue Label Life, I have met some amazing women, attractive, intelligent, genuine, and now have found the one!"


  • Well it has been a year now and Loretta and I are still going strong. It’s an amazing relationship. I have it all! Thank you for introducing me to my best friend


  • "Thank you Blue Label Life, after being married for years, I found myself in a daunting place after my divorce. I wanted to have a good connection in my life but didn't know where to start, I contacted Robyn from Blue Label Life and with their understanding and support and guidance, I found a wonderful man and now have an amazing connection in my life, we are so happy"