Robyn Nind - dating agency director at Blue Label Life
Robyn Nind - dating agency director at Blue Label Life

Canberra’s preferred and most exclusive dating agency


Canberra, the capital of Australia, is a vibrant, modern metropolis where people come from all around the country to work for the Government or live a quieter life. However, living in a big city like Canberra can be very lonely, and finding a partner can prove challenging.


Like everywhere else in Australia, finding love is often an endless exercise of going on pointless dates with people who don’t match your requirements, life goals and personality. Just because Canberra is a small city doesn’t mean you’ll find a partner quickly. There are still roadblocks and hurdles that exist in other big cities, which can be disheartening and add to the sense of despair and alienation. But the trick is not to lose hope and give up. There is a solution to your lacklustre love life; Blue Label Life has been helping Australian singles find a partner for over two decades, and we are here to the rescue. We will move mountains to help you find a partner in Canberra. If you are looking for a credible, honest and passionate dating service, we can help you get your mojo back and find someone you respect, find attractive and get along with.


Blue Label Life is the most seasoned, qualified, and capable dating agency in Canberra, and Robyn, our head matchmaker, has helped fabulous singles just like you find a partner. As veterans of the dating agency world, we can quickly grasp what’s important in your life and what you are seeking and use our comprehensive database of Canberra singles to help match you with someone perfect who will match your requirements and you’ll also connect with on many levels.


So many singles remain this way because they spend years using online apps without clearly understanding what they really want. Through the first interview, we define and outline your requirements and use them to profile the type of person you want. We can cut through the online noise, clutter and fake online filters and present an attractive, lovely, genuine single that fits your personality to the tee.


A Dating Agency Perfect for Canberra’s Singles


Let’s look at the scenarios: you’ve either moved to Canberra to work as a public servant and have left everyone you love back home, you have lived in Canberra and have been single for a while, you recently divorced or have been on the dating scene for a while and are fed up with the calibre of people you’ve been going out with. Although small in size and population, connecting with someone in Canberra can often prove difficult as people come here to work and immerse themselves in their job roles.


But don’t fret or worry that you will be single and lonely forever, as there are viable options to meet like-minded people looking for a genuine relationship. Firstly, you can try dating apps, but we have all been there and done that and know what they’re like. Secondly, you can use the services of a dating agency like us at Blue Label Life. For a small investment, our expert matchmakers will help you find (from our database) someone who matches your criteria, personality type, and lifestyle. So, if you’re living in Canberra, Belconnen or Fyshwick, we are the answer to your single life.


Call us today at 1300 553 510 or message us via our contact page, and we will get back to you very quickly.

Advantages of using Canberra’s Exclusive Dating Agency & Dating Service

  • No more random dating hook-ups

    You get to see who you meet before the date; their profile and picture so there are no surprises, disappointments or shocks.

  • Date with confidence

    If you have been out of the dating game for a while, Robyn will help you get your dating mojo and confidence back so you can face the dating world head on with confidence.

  • We handpick each match.

    We get to know YOU. Your values, personality, goals, needs and wishes so we can match you with someone fun, engaging, attractive and inspiring.

  • We are with you this journey.

    We communicate with you regularly before and after each date, face to face, virtually and over the phone. We are always available to help you on this journey.

  • You have the support of Robyn.

    Robyn is a prominent relationship expert. She will be your confidant, your guide and your coach.

  • We make dating super-easy!

    We share constructive feedback after each date and ensure you’re confident and successful through the process.

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We get it – dating in Canberra can be exhausting

The Canberra dating scene is a lucky dip. So many transient working people are commuting between Sydney and Melbourne, whether government employees or people moving as an alternative to living in one of the big cities. And finding a partner in this whirlpool of people is highly challenging. How will you find someone you genuinely connect with when there are so many dating apps, game players, insincere people or people just looking for one-night stands and flings?

All our clients at Blue Label Life are ready for a committed relationship. They want to share the next chapter of their life with someone like you. With a broad clientele of single men and women throughout Canberra and the ACT, we have helped professionals, executives, divorcees, widowers and seniors, and people from all stages and walks of life find their lifelong partners.

How does our Canberra dating service work?

  • 1

    We get to know you.

  • 2

    We conduct interviews, screenings, introductions, coaching, advice and more.

  • 3

    We match people by personalities, profiles, shared values and goals.

  • 4

    We share photos, and a detailed description and call you BEFORE your date.

  • 5

    We follow up and provide feedback after each date.

FAQs about Canberra dating agency

Why use the services of a Canberra matchmaker?

In Canberra’s dating app-obsessed environment, it’s tough finding a partner when there are so many issues with dating apps which is why a Canberra dating agency like Blue Label Life can eliminate so many hurdles in the dating world. For example, you might be recently single and finding it hard to get back into the dating scene; you might have been burnt online by dating app fake profiles and game players, or you need to have a certain level of discretion and privacy which dating apps don’t allow. A dating agency in Canberra can overcome all these dating obstacles and put you in control of your love life. Plus, we make dating fun.

Do I get to see the profiles before the date?

Unlike many other dating agencies that never show you the photo before your date, we believe in transparency. You should see the person’s complete profile, including the photo, before the date.

What happens if I don't like the person I met on the date?

We will assess why and then place you on another date more to your liking, which is part of our dating process. So you’re not left wondering why there was no spark or connection in the rare case this happens). We make sure you don’t lose confidence or motivation in finding a partner, which is why we are quick to find you a new date that’s more appropriate.

We eliminate the uncertainty and paranoia that can often affect your confidence by offering constructive advice, coaching and a helping hand before you go on your next date. Unfortunately, only a few other Canberra dating agencies provide this personalised service.

Canberra's a small place, so can you guarantee that my profile will not be seen publicly online?

Yes, we guarantee you 100% that your profile will be treated with respect, and we assure you of complete discretion and privacy.

I only want to match with local Canberra or ACT people and only people within the area. Can you organise this?

We will endeavour to match you with local Canberra residents. Some people might travel interstate for work or part of the government that has homes in other capital cities, but we will ensure that the people you meet will spend most of their time in Canberra.

I've been out of the dating scene and want to get my love life back on track. Can this happen even though I'm in my late 40's?

Don’t stress or worry. You are never too old to start dating, and we will help you find love again and a partner, even if you are in your 50s or 60s.

The dating pool in Canberra can be pretty small. Most decent people are either married or going through a divorce. Can you help me find some fabulous person who wants the same things as me; a relationship, great times, a partner and someone I can connect with?

Yes, we understand that the dating pool in Canberra is small, but remember, it’s the quality of the dates, not the quantity. We have some fantastic single people on our database wanting to find a genuine partner.

Whatever 'someone special' means to you, we'll find them

  • John and I were introduced by Robyn and Blue Label Life.  After a wonderful few months dating, we became engaged to be married later this year.  We are very much in love and feel so lucky to have found one another.  Our friends and family say we are so well suited and that they have never seen us happier. After taking the plunge and contacting Robyn, she made the process so easy. She navigated me through meeting various people with discretion, empathy, wisdom, optimism and humour.  She really took the time to understand me and what I was looking for in a life partner.  It worked.  John and I are now happily planning our wedding and future life together.


  • Thank you Blue Label Life, I have met some amazing women, attractive, intelligent, genuine, and now have found the one!"


  • Well it has been a year now and Loretta and I are still going strong. It’s an amazing relationship. I have it all! Thank you for introducing me to my best friend


  • "Thank you Blue Label Life, after being married for years, I found myself in a daunting place after my divorce. I wanted to have a good connection in my life but didn't know where to start, I contacted Robyn from Blue Label Life and with their understanding and support and guidance, I found a wonderful man and now have an amazing connection in my life, we are so happy"