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If you’re a successful executive, time-poor single, someone who values their privacy or a professional business person, we’re the right Melbourne dating agency & service for you.

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Life can be stressful with work, friends and family commitments. So where are you going to find the time to meet someone special. You might be recently single, divorced, separated, or just out of a long-term relationship and are looking to find a partner with whom you can share the rest of your life.

Our dating service at Blue Label Life takes all the stress and anxiety away by helping to connect with other singles in Melbourne with our proven matchmaking skills. And, we can’t wait to help you find your next partner.

We’ve been exclusively matching Melbourne singles since 2005 and have one of the most prominent member databases of eligible singles of all ages looking to meet a long term partner.

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Have more questions about our Melbourne dating agency?

Which people use the services of a Melbourne dating agency?

Executives, business owners, and professionals who are time-poor & want to find a partner use a dating agency.

What is the job of a matchmaker?

The role of a dating agency is to help singles find a long-term partner who is also looking for a committed relationship. There are many types of matchmakers online so you have to choose wisely so you get a matchmaker who understands your personality type, requirements, financial situation and dating history. You also want a matchmaker that has been in the industry for many years and has an extensive database of potential matches.

What’s the difference between a dating agency in Melbourne and a matchmaker?

They are exactly the same, both matchmaking & dating agency services are aimed to help people make a true connection. Also read: 8 Reasons Why You Need a Matchmaker

Can anyone use a dating agency?

Yes, they can but they must be prepared to go on a few dates and be prepared to follow the advice of the matchmaker. Plus they must be prepared to spend the money that’s required to find you the right partner which takes time, effort and access to their database.

How many dates can I go on with your dating agency?

This will depend on the package you have bought but in many cases, you can expect to go on 5 to 10 dates per year. Remember, when it comes to dating it’s all about the quality of the dates and not the quantity. One special date that you connect with is far more memorable and life-changing than a multitude of dates.

Will your Melbourne dating service be contactable after each date?

Yes, they will be contactable and will give you a full report on the feedback from your introduction. Robyn is your dating agency expert and will be contactable anytime you feel like talking or discussing your love life. Remember you can have as much or as little contact as you want. It’s your dating service, you are paying for this so you can dictate these terms.

What age do most people use a dating agency in Melbourne?

Most people decide to use a dating agency in Melbourne once they are over 30 years of age. Also read:  Over 40’s Dating in Sydney & Melbourne, why use a matchmaker?

Is using a dating agency more effective than online dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble?

We find that our clients have more success using the services of a dating agency than they have had using an online app. For more information read this:  Matchmaker V Tinder: what’s best for you?

Do you offer dating coaching and advice as well?

Yes, we do. Robyn is a skilled and experienced dating coach. She can help you work on your dating mindset, and prep you for your next date. She will also coach you on what to say, how to behave and polish up your dating mojo.

Join like-minded exclusive members at Blue Label Life

At Blue Label Life, we understand how hard it can be to take this first step in meeting a partner.

For most people, this is a new experience and totally out of their comfort zone. After all, how many times have you thought that Mr or Mrs Right will come walking through the front door, or you’ll meet someone at work, the gym, or perhaps even at a network meeting?

The reality of this is that you end up being disappointed that there was no one you like there or that most people are either married, going through a nasty divorce, not your personality type or not emotionally available.

Meeting someone you connect with and are attracted to, especially as you get older and stop going to bars or clubs, is becoming increasingly challenging – we all know the story!

Plus, all your friends are married, which means you find it hard to go out with a wingman.

Dating apps and online dating websites are the next steps, but these are not the best places to meet people unless you’re after a quick fling or are prepared to go on endless disaster dates with people who are not aligned with you.

Why do you need Melbourne’s exclusive dating agency?

  • You are just too busy or don’t have the time to do this yourself with your busy schedule.
  • You don’t want to splash your photo all over dating sites and want to maintain your privacy.
  • You have been on a few dates that your friends have set you up with, and they were a disaster. Your friends had the best intentions, but it simply bombed!
  • You are not going to bars or clubs, so how will you meet someone?
  • You have no single friends left, they are all happily married, and you hardly ever see them anymore.
  • You are getting to a point in your life where meeting new people is becoming increasingly rare, and you’re losing your dating mojo.
  • You have just come out of a relationship and find the whole dating scene overwhelming.
  • You are a senior and looking to find a partner to spend quality time with.
  • You hear yourself saying that ‘all the best ones are taken’ or ‘I’ll be single forever’.
  • you’re in your 40s, 50s & even 60s and have made up your mind that you are over being single.
  • You would like access to the right calibre of people.
  • You keep meeting people who don’t want the same things in life as you and have completely different values.

Meet Robyn Nind your Melbourne dating agency expert and director at Blue Label Life

If this sounds familiar, you need our Melbourne dating agency service and the help of Robyn, our head matchmaker.

Robyn is a passionate, insightful and empathetic matchmaker who will be your personal cupid throughout your journey to find love and a committed partner. She has a strong counselling background and has been at the forefront of the dating agency industry for over a decade. As director of Blue Label Life, she is your point of contact, confident and wing woman all rolled into one. So when you have Robyn by your side, you can rest easy knowing that you have one of Melbourne’s best matchmakers searching on your behalf for the right partner.

Are you ready for the next chapter of your life; want to share it with someone special?

If you are looking to make a real connection in Melbourne and meet professional singles, contact us at Blue Label Life. Or, see how our dating process works.

If you are looking to find that spark to ignite your love life, all you have to do is join our agency – it’s as simple as that.

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Whatever 'someone special' means to you, we'll find them

  • John and I were introduced by Robyn and Blue Label Life.  After a wonderful few months dating, we became engaged to be married later this year.  We are very much in love and feel so lucky to have found one another.  Our friends and family say we are so well suited and that they have never seen us happier. After taking the plunge and contacting Robyn, she made the process so easy. She navigated me through meeting various people with discretion, empathy, wisdom, optimism and humour.  She really took the time to understand me and what I was looking for in a life partner.  It worked.  John and I are now happily planning our wedding and future life together.


  • Thank you Blue Label Life, I have met some amazing women, attractive, intelligent, genuine, and now have found the one!"


  • Well it has been a year now and Loretta and I are still going strong. It’s an amazing relationship. I have it all! Thank you for introducing me to my best friend


  • "Thank you Blue Label Life, after being married for years, I found myself in a daunting place after my divorce. I wanted to have a good connection in my life but didn't know where to start, I contacted Robyn from Blue Label Life and with their understanding and support and guidance, I found a wonderful man and now have an amazing connection in my life, we are so happy"