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Dating agency melbourne & sydney Meet Robyn; your dating agency expert

Are you looking to find a real connection with someone? Are you looking to meet great people in Melbourne?

If you’re a successful executive, a professional business person in Melbourne, we’re the right dating agency for you.

Living in Melbourne can be stressful. You’ve got your work commitments, your career, you might have kids to deal with, there’s also the gym workouts and the yoga sessions. Plus, there are your annual holidays to plan.

So, in all this mayhem and daily life stresses, how are you going to find the time to find a partner and establish a committed relationship?


You can be on your way to dating someone in Melbourne really soon ❤️

This is where Blue Label Life Introductions, dating agency Melbourne, comes in to help you find a partner with our effective and proven matchmaking skills. And, we can’t wait to help you.

We’ve been matching Melbourne elite singles since 2005 and have one of the largest membership database of eligible singles looking to meet their partner.


Join like-minded exclusive members that join Blue Label Life every month and become part of our matchmaking database.

Blue Label Life Introductions, dating agency & dating service Melbourne, knows how hard it can be to take this first step in meeting a partner.

For most people, this is a new experience and totally out of their comfort zone. After all, how many times have you thought that Mr or Mrs. Right will come walking through that door or you’ll meet someone at work, the gym, or perhaps even at a network meeting?

The reality of this is that most times you end up being really disappointed saying that there was no one you like there or that most of the people are either married, going through a nasty divorce, gay or even not to your liking.

Meeting someone you connect with and actually like, especially as you get older and stop going to bars or clubs is becoming increasingly rare. Plus, all your single friends are getting married which means your finding it hard to go out with someone.

Dating apps and online dating websites are the next steps but in reality, these are not the best places to meet people unless you’re after a quick fling.

If this sounds familiar then you’re in need of our Melbourne dating agency service and the help of Robyn, our head matchmaker.

Why do you need Melbourne’s # 1 dating service & dating agency?

  • you are just too busy or you simply don’t have the time with your busy schedule or energy to do this yourself.
  • you don’t want to splash your photo all over dating sites & want to maintain your privacy.
  • you have been on a few dates that your friends have set you up with and they were a disaster. Your friends had the best intentions but it simply bombed!
  • you are not going to bars or clubs so how are you going to meet someone?
  • you have no single friends left, they are all happily married and you hardly ever see them anymore.
  • you are getting to a point in your life where meeting new people is becoming increasingly rare and you’re losing your dating mojo.
  • you have just come out of a relationship and are finding the whole dating scene overwhelming.
  • you hear yourself saying that ‘all the best ones are taken’ or ‘ I’ll be single forever’.

Are you ready for the next chapter of your life? Are you ready to share it with someone special?

So, if you are looking to make a real connection in Melbourne and meet great people, get in touch with us at Blue Label Life.

You can be well on your way to your first date quickly!

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✅ Which people use the services of a Melbourne dating agency?

People who are time poor and want to find a partner use a dating agency in Melbourne.

✅ What is the job of a dating agency in Melbourne?

The role of a Melbourne dating agency is to help executive singles find a long term partner who is also looking for a relationship

✅ What is the cost to use the services of a Melbourne dating agency?

The cost of a dating agency is somewhere between $3000 – $5000

✅ What’s the difference between a dating agency in Melbourne and a matchmaker?

They are exactly the same, both services are aimed to help people connect and find each other.

✅ Can anyone use a Melbourne dating agency?

Yes, they can but they must be prepared to go on a few dates and be prepared to follow the advice of the dating agency.

✅ What types of professionals use a dating agency in Melbourne?

The following professional are common clients of a dating agency in Melbourne: accountants, business owners, lawyers, doctors and people in professional services.

✅ How many dates can I go on with a dating agency?

This will spend on the package you have bought from the Melbourne dating agency but in many cases you can go on 5 to 10 introductions per year.

✅ Will the dating agency in Melbourne be contactable after each date?

Yes they will contactable and will give you a full report on the feedback from your introduction.

✅ At what age do most people use a dating agency in Melbourne?

Most people decide to use a dating agency in Melbourne once they are over 30 years of age. Also read:  Over 40’s Dating in Sydney & Melbourne, why use a matchmaker?

✅ Is using a dating agency in Melbourne more effective than online dating apps?

We find that our clients have more success using the services of a dating agency than they have had using an app. For more information read this:  Matchmaker V Tinder: what’s best for you?