Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of common frequently asked questions that professional singles looking for a special relationship ask the Blue Label Life matchmakers team:

How do you match your clients and members?

We use a combination of important steps in the matching process. This includes our initial interview with clients to ascertain what their current status is, what they are looking for in a partner and what their life goals are.

How will you protect my privacy?

Protecting your privacy isn’t just important to us, it’s a principal of the service we offer. Our clients lead busy, often public lives as leaders in their industries. We fully respect that some clients prefer to keep their use of a personal search firm confidential and it will remain so.

I date frequently, why would I pay a consultant to meet someone?

Blue Label Life clients may not necessarily have trouble finding dates – they simply want a more productive, results oriented approach to finding their mate.

If your goal is to find someone with whom you will fall in love and spend the rest of your life, then why wouldn’t you go about it in the most strategic, focused way possible? You invest wisely in your profession, finances, and other aspects of life—why stop short in your relationship?

Blue Label Life is more than an elite and executive dating site; it frees up your time and helps you make the right decisions about an important part of your future.

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I see you offer styling and well-being advice. What does this mean?

It means that we offer clients a broader elite dating service than that of pure matchmaking. Depending on the level of membership, we include services such as a free fitness assessment, fitness classes, and free styling advice, including a home visit and nutritional advice. Our own in-house professional consultants provide these services.

We encourage a healthy life balance, and as such, we have a number of affiliates to whom we refer our clients and members if necessary. These third parties have been carefully assessed to ensure the highest quality of the services and products offered.

Is this a safe way of meeting people?

Safety is a paramount concern for many people when meeting someone new. All clients are screened in person during a 1-2 hour formal interview in a comfortable, refined setting, where we get to know their goals, likes, and dislikes before they qualify as members. This screening process provides you with the assurances you can’t gain from a casual dating atmosphere.

Through Blue Label Life, you only meet the most compatible, eligible and responsible men and women.

What is covered in the fees?

It will depend on the level of annual membership taken out. Each level guarantees a certain number of introductions to professional single men and women per year.

It also covers your initial registration and assessment, home consultation regarding styling, fitness and assessment, and nutrition, plus any other bonus offers from our partner companies.

What sort of people are members?

Our clients have much to offer and are selective about who they meet. They join because they are serious about making a commitment. When someone pays for a membership and takes the time to go through our process, they expect to find a quality partner, whether this be a man or a woman. They place their romantic future in our hands to find the person they are looking for.

Our clients are proactive people looking to meet someone on their level and wavelength for a lasting relationship.

Why do I need Blue Label Life?

Most Blue Label Life clients don’t have the time or the inclination to date randomly. Therefore, we build close relationships with each one to understand what they really want and need in a partner. We also conduct pre-screening, pre-qualifying and scientific matchmaking tests. This provides a depth of knowledge and compatibility you don’t get from a casual meeting with someone – or through any ordinary dating site. In other words, it’s not all about quantity, but rather, we find you a quality man or woman – it’s all part of the elite dating experience.

What happens if I meet someone?

If you have just joined our dating agency and have been lucky enough to meet someone we are more than happy to put your membership of hold. If for what ever reason the relationship ends we can kick start the membership for you. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

Why should I use your dating service, when I can easily use Tinder or Bumble?

We find that people who use our matchmaking and dating service are too time poor to use these dating apps. Plus they are looking for an exclusive dating service. A service that will go the extra mile in helping them find their partner.

Tinder & Bumble do not offer this type of solution. Dating apps are great if you have the time and inclination to play in that environment, but a dating agency offers so much more:

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • You get to meet like minded singles
  • We only have business owners, executives and professionals so there is no time wasted in meeting people that are not in your socio demographic
  • All our members are screened thoroughly
  • Your not wasting time swiping left and right. You get on with your life and let us do all the searching and screening for you.


Do you use photographs?

We sure do. Unlike many other Sydney or Melbourne dating services we have recent photographs on all our profiles. No blind dates here!  You get to see a photo of the actual person before meeting with them.

Will you introduce me to my long term partner?

We sure hope so, but we cannot make any guarantees because in affairs of the heart – there are absolutely no guarantees. If we could, we most certainly would!

You should also note we work with real people, with real lives & feelings. We deliver a really good and valuable service, not a product. But at the end of the day we will try our very best. And, our success rates are extremely high.

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