10 Ways To Radiate Positivity And Be Attractive.

Truth: There are both positive and negative vibes. Both can come from a lot of various sources but we cannot deny that within a day, we will be bombarded by both positive and negative vibes.

A compliment from a workmate can surely set you in a positive mood. Meanwhile, criticisms from your boss might get you into a slump. So what do you do?
Well, you let the positivity emanate from inside you and this in turn will make you even more attractive. Have you noticed that positive people seem to have ample friends, and naturally attract people into their lives easily and effortlessly?shutterstock_122602513

People who emanate positive vibes are “warm” and nice to talk to. It can be your boss, friend, family member, or your significant other; positive people are the kinds of people you feel confident sharing something with all because they emanate this warmth that feels just like sunshine. If you are in the midst of a person who emanates positive energy, you feel more confident and positive yourself.

Imagine if you applied this knowledge to your dating life and despite how good or bad your day was you found something positive to say about it. Instead of “The traffic was horrible, I had a bad day?” You could find the positive in the situation eg “It feels good to be here in this restaurant, I’m looking forward to a new  chapter in my day and whatever is ahead in the night”

This add’s spice adventure and mystery, imagine how engaged your date will be as your date unfolds.

If you want to radiate positivity yourself and be more positive, there is an easy way to do it. Remember when your mum told you a long time ago that your words can heal or hurt people? Well, you can also use the words you speak to radiate positivity.

Let’s start with your sentence starters. Imagine you’ve started to build a connection with your date and they have made a suggestion for a date venue or your next date..

  1. Yes “Yes, your idea seems excellent”. Just don’t use “but” after saying yes as it deletes the positivity of the word “yes”.
  2. I agree“I agree that your idea makes a lot more sense than our original plan”
  3. I appreciate“I appreciate you putting so much thought into this plan, wow I’m impressed”
  4. Thank you for“Thank you for such a great night, the dinner was amazing and I enjoyed getting to know you even more. 
  5. I like (love, enjoy, etc) … “I like your idea! It sounds terrific!”  And to initiate action “I would like to …”
  6. That makes sense to me because….  “Your idea makes sense to me because our original plan was very summery and since its winter it’s best to be cosy inside”
  7. I’m pleased (happy, delighted, etc) that…  “I’m pleased that you came up with an idea to replace our original plan”
  8.  Good! (Excellent, Great, Wow, Cool, Terrific, etc“Great.  Let’s make it happen”
  9. How…?  or What ….? [Note: These open-ended question words convey interest in the other.] “How do you feel about …..”  “What do you think of…..?”
  10. Positive non-verbal’s like enthusiasm in your tone of voice, genuine interest, smiles, laughter,  playfulness, eye-contact, plus, with intimates, hugs and other physical expressions of affection.

Note that not everything you say will connote positivity but you can at least ensure that if you try to be positive, the other person will feel it. If you still think you need more help with positivity, why don’t you ask for an expert to help you out?

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