8 Reasons Why You Need a Matchmaker

Struggling to find a partner? Fed up with dating apps and wasting time on pointless dates?

You troubles are over! Have you thought about using  a professional matchmaker? Read on; you’ll thank us later.

Matchmaking has been around for hundreds of years if not longer and the principle of matchmaking still remains the same; the idea of bringing two single unattached people together with the hope of marriage. It’s that simple yet many people are still unclear about the benefits of a matchmaker and why utilising the services of a matchmaker is a pretty good idea.

Following is a great list of why busy, single professional people should be using a matchmaker in today’s digitally obsessed environment.

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1. A matchmaker will save you loads of time & effort.

When you hire a matchmaker you don’t have to stress about going to bars, or to a gym or perhaps your yoga studio to meet someone. Sure you can still engage in these social activities but you don’t have to be constantly on the look out to meet someone. Now, your matchmaker can do this for you while your busy doing the things you like. You might find that you enjoy these more without the added hassle of being on the look out for the next Mr or Mrs Right. Plus, you don’t have to be always checking your Tinder or Bumble at night or updating your profile as your matchmaker is doing all the searching on your behalf. What a fabulous service this is, especially if you have a very busy schedule.

2. Matchmakers are great if your shy.

If your a bit of an introvert and uncomfortable approaching strangers at a bar or in a cafe then this headache is long gone with a matchmaker doing the hard groundwork for you. This is because the matchmaker is the middle man and will introduce you to many people. So you can forget about all those nerve racking, palm sweaty moments. Those days are long gone with when a professional matchmaker is by your side. Also, a matchmaker will fully brief you on the person you are going to meet, you will see their photo beforehand and will be able to mentally prepare yourself. This makes like so much easier for those shy men and women among us.

3. A matchmaker should be good at what they do.

Most matchmakers will have some type of certification that they have been trained in this skill. If so, then you know that your dealing with someone professional that will be able to perform their job as expected. But, a good idea is to check a matchmakers website and perhaps a few reviews before you decide to take the plunge.

4. Matchmaker can customise your search.

When you initially meet your matchmaker ( and most first introductions are free), they will want to get to know you a bit better and learn more about the type of person your looking for. They will discuss things like; the ideal age, their income, profession, where they live, their body type, personality, political persuasion and what type of sports they’re into. All this information will be collated so that the matchmaker can fog through their extensive database and customise their search based on your specific criteria. Utilising a matchmaker is not like online dating where you can choose from an unlimited pile of profiles. A matchmaker will filter most profiles and find the ones that are perfectly suited for you. Again, this saves you so much time, effort and anxiety.

5. Introductions are a guarantee.

When you go to a club, bar or any event, the chances of you actually meeting and clicking with someone are slim; especially for those of us who are over 40. Meeting people when you were in your 20’s and 30’s was easy but as you get older these opportunities diminish, unless you have a super large network or friends. Going to a bar when your over 40 isn’t as fun as it used to be and in fact it can seem boring. With a matchmaker you’re guaranteed of an introduction; this is why they take you on as a client. Most legitimate matchmakers will only take you on as a client if they feel as though they can help you meet someone. Simply put, you can stop worrying as you will meet someone.

6. They will be with you throughout the dating process.

Once you engage the services of a matchmaker they can be as hands on as you like or if you prefer they can take a back seat. Most matchmakers will want feedback after every introduction and will offer you feedback on what your date said about you. This is great as you can take this information on board to use for your next date. Having this type of partner by your side will boost your confidence and help you navigate the dating pathways.

If you feel as thought he date didn’t go as well as you thought it would then your matchmaker will find out why and offer constructive advice and feedback. A matchmaker will also push your dating boundaries and dating types. If you’ve always gone for blondes then you might end up meeting a brunette. They are there to enhance all your dating possibilities and choices. You couldn’t ask for a better solution if your looking to meet someone.

7. Its very safe

Unlike online dating where every person you meet could be risky a matchmaker will screen all people before you meet them. Dating for most people can be an anxious experience but you don’t want to add a danger factor in there. A matchmaker helps eliminates this.

8. It’s really good value

Think about your time and the value you place on it. If you have previously used dating apps and found them to be a waste of time, a matchmaker will put an end to all those wasted hours scrolling through thousands of profiles. Just think about all the hours you have spent scrolling Tinder and all those hours spent meeting people who you have absolutely zero connection with. It’s your time and it’s really valuable. A matchmaker will give you back all this time.

If your still on the fence and undecided about using the services of a matchmaker after reading these great points why not have a chat with Robyn Nind at Blue Label Life. You can read more about us here. It’s completely obligation free and with offices in Sydney and Melbourne we have made it really easy for you to be on your way to meeting someone special. Call 1300 553 510.

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