Are You Dating A Desperate Dater?

We’ve all been there.

We’ve had dates with someone who always has this overeager smile plastered on his or her face and speaks in a clingy tone.

Being desperate is unattractive but how do you know where to draw the line between simply being a go-getter or a desperate date?

Blue Label Life, a dating service for professionals, has the answer.

Is your date ALWAYS available? What does it say about your date when you call them to invite them out on a second date this weekend yet they insist on having dinner tonight in thirty minutes? You might think your date is just tired of games but their exaggerated availability could say a lot about them too.

Also read Huffingtons post titled Are You a Desperate Dater which as some great bullet points about what a desparate dater is like and their mannerisms.

Are You Dating A Desperate Dater?

Are you a desparate dater and need some dating help and advice? At Blue Label Life we can help.

Is your date eager to keep you under lock and key?

Desperate daters tend to hold on tightly to a good candidate when they find one and know they will become crushed when they lose this person. They ask a lot of prying questions and would love to stay as close as possible under the assumption that through their proximity, they can prevent competition from stealing away their prize.

Is your date always asking for assurances about where you might be headed? Think of a kid who goes on a drive with his parents and keeps asking “Are we there yet?” Desperate daters tend to act the same way and use this as some sort of handle to sooth their fear of being abandoned. A desperate date’s constant need for reassurance can leave the other heading straight to the door.

If you’re tired of meeting one desperate dater after another, maybe you’re looking for dates at the wrong places! Sign up with Blue Label Life, a dating service in Melbourne, which caters to a diverse network of single professionals who looking for serious romantic relationships.

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