Everything You Need To Know About Being Irresistible To Your Man.

There are both biological and physiological traits men find alluring in women. Many attune back to the beginning of time and focus solely on intrinsic or uncontrolled factors. Often questioning the basic realities of human behaviour.

Others are learned and something that can be used solely for making yourself desirable to men. Here are seven factors that are going to make you irresistible to men.

How To Be Irresistible To Your Man

Tip 1: To be Irresistible To Men Show Your Light Heartedness
What I’ve discovered from years of coaching thousands of women is that when men behave like boys and do stupid things women become overly emotional, hurt, angry and sometimes aggressive.

Men do really stupid things sometimes and you have every right to feel the way you do.
Unfortunately leading with your emotions reduces his attraction towards you.
When your man does something hurtful like keep it light hearted.
Men crave a light hearted woman he knows what he has done is wrong. Keep it light hearted yet showing him what your boundaries are will work in your favour greater than yelling screaming or crying ever will.

Tip 2: To Be Irresistible To Men Embrace Your Inner child
Men adore women who have a youthful attitude; internal energy has a huge impact on sex appeal more than physical looks.

Most women are burned out inside from the obligations of the world, work previous relationships and this has a very strong effect on how men will perceive you. Men find a woman who is fresh and positive and embraces her inner child irresistible. Men love a woman who doesn’t hold onto the past and isn’t worried about the future. Don’t let the worries of the world define you.

Tip 3: To Be Irresistible Be A Team Player.
This one is very interesting. Men seem to find women that are more agreeable, more attractive, he wants to be with someone on his team. Along with showing they are also empathetic and understanding. This doesn’t mean you’re a “yes” girl. It just means that you aren’t looking for controversy and are willing to agree to disagree and move on with a smile. Men are looking for a team player for the long run someone that see’s the world through their eyes and supports them.
If you hold this quality then you are definitely becoming more irresistible every minute.

Tip 4: To Be Irresistible To Men Be Present.
Men love a woman who is truly present, one that can switch off. A woman who is present, who a man can look into her eyes and see that she is with him right here and now, she isn’t zoning off thinking about a millions thoughts what she has to do next, work, family whatever it is.

Presence is the greatest gift you can give anyone. A present woman is extremely irresistible to a man, he finds this quality highly desirable, as this woman can respond in the moment. Generally presence also allows a person to be truly relaxed.

Tip 5: To Be Irresistible To Men Be Positive.
Do you remember your mom saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?” Well this holds true when you’re trying to make an impression with men. By looking for the positive in things you’re naturally capturing their interest. Men don’t want to hook up with a woman that nags about everything and likes shooting people down.

Positive women will get the guys over the negative ones. This one is your choice.

Tip 6: To Be Irresistible To Men Be Honest.
Being honest truly means a lot to a man. If a guy is going to trust a woman and give her his heart, he’s going to have to believe she’s honest.

When a man gives his heart to a woman he hands over the reins to tremendous power. So he’s not about to do this if he thinks the woman is lying to him or “shady” in any shape or form. Makes sense right?

Sure, it’s not always easy to be honest but this is one quality that ranks high on proving you’re worthy of being irresistible to a man. Its worth it don’t you think?

Tip 7: To Be Irresistible To Men Be Passionate.
Sex is the barometer of a relationship. When times are tough the sex is the glue of the relationship if it’s good it allows the relationship to work through its ups and downs and build the bond even stronger.

A man loves a woman who is spontaneous, loves having sex with him and lets him know it.
To keep the passion alive in a relationship is it is vital you are unpredictable, spontaneous and fulfil each other’s sexual fantasies and desires. A man will adore you as you ooze confidence, be cheeky with him and let him know how much you want him.

My Thoughts . . .
Everyone wants to be desired, it’s human nature. These 7 qualities are going to help you capture the attention of a man and make him want you for keeps. What you need to do is focus on your positives and work to make these qualities better. Work hard enough and you will be irresistible when all is said and done.

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