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Being IrresistibleHi there! Samantha Jayne here from  Blue Label Life and today I want to tell you the one reason why people aren’t responding to you on dates the way you want them to and how you can be irresistible!

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I just got back few weeks ago from the matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference in New York and one of the things that came out was, how do you make your yourself irresistible, how do you stand out from the crowd so people are crazy for you?

I mean here’s the thing: I hear this this all the time. People should accept me for me for who I am, I don’t want to play games, I just know in the first few minutes, I shouldn’t have to make an effort, my date should ask me questions. The truth is you date should do a lot of things but reality is it’s not the movies, so it’s time to take the power in your hands and be a master influencer and discover the secrets to attraction.

You have a choice; you can say I’m not going to put in much effort my date, they should like me for who I am; they should be the ones impressing me.

Well that’s okay but it’s not great and it will get you the results you have always gotten and I know since you are here listening to me today, you want real results!

The mistake we make is thinking that just because people there are more singles that ever, that there will be an endless supply and not much effort needs to go into it. The truth is you’re both paying with something much more valuable than money. You’re paying with time and attention. And time is something you never get back.

The Reward For Time and Attention

If you want someone to give you their time and their attention you better reward them with something worthwhile, stimulating conversation, fun, and make them feel good around you!

Even if it’s you putting in the effort and they sit back and enjoy it, it’s a good sign, it means they are engaged and you know what that means ;-)!  Some of the most valuable things that my clients from my Blue Label life inner circle coaching say are the simple conversation starters and attraction scripts I have created especially to help ignite chemistry.  Simply incorporating my secret attraction tools will help you increase your X factor and we all know x factor is hot making you irresistible!

So what will you do with your date is to make a positive impression.

The secret to making yourself irresistible is to do a bit more than everyone else. Instead of making it about you, make it about them.

Make your date feel good about themselves, make your make your date feel amazing, feel warm, make them associate happiness with you because this makes them release endorphins and at the same time yourself a scarce mysterious resource, is the best thing you can do! Trust me; they will associate those positive feelings with you long after your date. It’s what I call the all “it’s about you attraction strategy!”

I mean if you are interested securing your free spot visit at under the about us page is a button, visit my free coaching session and click on  “Make Rejection History webinar” , alternatively email  and in the subject line type in FREE Access to Blue Label Life Inner Circle.

I want to make it available to you so you can experience the tips that my Inner circle group VIP clients experience.

I get so much feedback about that my coaching, that is life changing, I help break unhealthy patterns, reveal attraction secrets that most people have no idea about and how to create intense chemistry easily and effortlessly!  It’s a free for you I give away for free in return for your time and I’d love for you to tell a friend.

Why? You know what? I know you’re not paying money for it but you’re going to pay with time and attention so I want to make sure it’s worthwhile.

Make Yourself More Valuable…

How about you? If you want people to start to pay attention to you, and be irresistible increase the quality of experience that a person has with you. Be positive, vibrant, and upbeat and think outside the square. Avoid topics such as work and focus on fun things like holidays, dreams, ask cheeky questions like “If you were a movie star, who would you be?” or even better, “Tell me about your first kiss”. Its light hearted, and takes away the pressure from the date so you can focus on getting to know the real person and reveal the inner playful you.

If your not wouldn’t be willing to open up, how can you expect somebody else to?

So that’s this week’s Tip. Make yourself more valuable by creating connection simply by being more playful and following my steps.  If you like this tip, tell a friend.

Got a question for you: What is the best first date you have ever experienced?

Love to hear what’s worked for you and on you, what you’ve seen out there. Leave me a comment below tell me what’s been awesome.

Take good care. It’s been Samantha Jayne for Blue label Life. Talk to you soon.

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