Chivalry Isn’t Dead: 7 Habits of Real Men That Make Women Weak at the Knees

Chivalry isn’t dead is a phrase that we hear regularly, however, not many people apply it in real life. Chivalry is fundamentally being a Gentleman. The basic aspects are opening doors, offering your seat to a woman and, again, being a Gentleman.

Chivarly isn't dead. The Ultimate Gentleman.

Chivarly isn’t dead. The Ultimate Gentleman.

1. Opening doors, particularly for Ladies
Opening doors is perhaps the most respectful and courteous thing to do, whether it is done for a friend or a stranger. Though, feminists look upon this as degrading and undignified; it’s still deeply appreciated by most ladies. However, there are certain rules that need to be applied while doing this; if the person you’re opening the door for tries to open it themselves, pull it a little further, without saying anything. Opening the car door for ladies is also considered polite; however, before closing check if the strap of her purse or the bottom of her dress is inside the car.

2. Pay attention to yourself
Acting like a Gentleman isn’t enough to be chivalrous; you must look like one too. Maintain a classy and elegant appearance. Suits give off the paramount impression and portray the person as exceedingly decent and professional. Wearing a remarkable watch and other accessories illustrates you as realistic and trendy. Wear a suit that accurately fits you, as this depicts you sense of style and how much you care about yourself. Make sure that approximately half an inch of the shirt’s cuff should be visible. The trousers shouldn’t be too long or too short, too tight or too loose, they should be of ideal fit.

3. Getting her Coat and the Chair
Although, women might think of this as demeaning and shameful, but they still understand the value of an act that men go out of way to perform, only to ensure her comfort. Make sure to get her coat or jacket when you enter a place and get it when you’re about to leave. The same goes with the chair. Pull it out for her, after she sits slowly push it in and make this appear unforced.

4. Offer your seat to others
Always be caring towards everyone near you. A gentleman at all times presents his place to a lady; it doesn’t matter if it’s a young girl, a mature lady or an elderly woman. Offering your seat to elderly and aged men and people with disabilities is also considered polite and gracious.

5. Pay for Dinner
Although, women are relatively more independent as they were before, paying for a meal is still the pleasant and considerate thing to do. A few decades ago, men were chiefly supposed to pay for dinner as they were the working class while women stayed at home. This is more of a gesture of respect than showing off your wealth.

6. Have regular conversations
Don’t talk weeks later. Be sure to text her good night and good morning from time to time. However, don’t overuse it as it loses its specialty overtime. Don’t have texting conversations either, pick up the phone and call her. It gives off a hint that this person likes you and is interested in talking to you.

7. Be the guy she wants for herself
Be nice to her and care about everything she does. Be the person that she wants to spend more and more time with. Always be there for her even when she doesn’t require it.
Be the chivalrous guy to show the world that “Chivalry isn’t dead.”

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