Dating an Executive: What’s it like?

I often get ask this question time and time again, “What’s it like, dating an executive?”  Do they have time, will they be emotionally available, do they want the same thing? Absolutely! Dating and executive

There are a hundred and one reasons why dating an executive can be one of the best decisions you can ever make in your life. I am talking about the whole deal.

But before we get into detail, let’s try to find out how an dating an executive differs from your regular guy or average joe. Just to be clear, this is in no way saying that all executives are the same, this is a generalization however you’ll find most fit into this model. This is article is just a way of giving people out there a good idea what its really like to be dating an executives.

First of all, you have to understand the fact that executives are go-getters. There is a reason they are on the top of the corporate ladder, they are driven, persistent and ooze confidence at work, and they tend to have an alpha energy about them. They know what they want and will do anything in their power to get it as long as it, they are very competitive and focus on the outcome.

Executives live a fast and busy life. They travel extensively and work long hours. Their weekdays usually extend to the weekends and their days stretch out well into the night. They may enjoy the finer things in life, eat good food, or travel in fast cars but they still want to go out and take a breather. Their idea of a time out might be as simple as spending quite time on a coffee shop or something as exciting as a weekend on the slopes, visiting a spa or getting a massage. It is often last minute as they enjoy the variety and making the most out of their time.  If you want to date an executive, you must be flexible enough to enjoy both up time and down time and most importantly be understanding that they will be busy and may not have the time to spend with you day in day out, dating an executive is more about quality time vs quantity.

Now, the hardest part of dating an executive is not really the “dating” part. The hard part is meeting an executive.  That’s because they are busy, the hard to reach singles who are in and out rushing around making the most of their time.   You only get to meet them when you get to see them during meetings and conferences and if you don’t work in their company than your chances of dating an executive are slim. Plus meeting at conferences and meetings aren’t exactly the most romantic places to meet a possible date. Executives rarely have time to go out and meet new people in bars or clubs. They have little time and effort to date and quality is important to them. This is the reason why they opt to use professional executive dating services for executives to meet their dating needs.

So how can you possibly meet and date executives? It’s easy!  You can register for a free consultation with one of our matchmakers and take advantage of our networks within our dating agency or a dating agency in your area. Pick a dating agency with enough credibility to attract real executives in your area. Who knows? They might match you with an eligible bachelorette or bachelor who happens to be an executive who wants the same things as you out of life and let the rest be history!

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