Best locations to meet single professionals in Australia

Closeup of a mature couple together , man having a cup coffeeFinding professionals who are interested in dating is easier than you think! All you have to do is think outside square and follow the simple steps below and in no time you will be meeting many wonderful single professionals and ultimately that special someone just for you!

1. Home Improvement classes are a great place meet single professionals!

Believe it or not, it is a great location to meet singles. Many single professionals have their own homes and enjoy being creative, learning a new skill to improve their home.

2. Health club or gym get healthy and meet the one!

Gyms are full of busy single professionals it is the perfect place to meet someone like that takes pride in their appearance and respects their health. It’s also very easy to strike up a conversation, just roll a weight in their direction, or ask to work with them or join a class.

3. Museums, art galleries and wine appreciation courses are all fabulous places to meet like-minded single professionals.

Imagine all the things you have to stimulate conversation, the art pieces, history in the museum or the wine sensations, it can get quite flirty.

4. Weddings. Yes, it is true; weddings are a great place to meet singles.

The best part is someone at the wedding more than likely knows the background on your person of interest and can often put in a good word. Alternatively you can always break the ice with a dance on the dance floor, everyone is having fun!

5. Community projects or charities. A brilliant place to meet a kind hearted giving person.

Most single professionals have achieved great success and enjoy giving back to the community, whether it’s walking dogs at the pound, meals on wheels or feeding the homeless you really can’t go wrong with a person with generosity.

6. Book store, here is where you will meet intelligent singles.

A very appealing place to meet as you know they will be grounded, have a wealth of knowledge and striking up a conversation is easy, simply focus on the book. Cafe style book stores are the best, you may even get to the position of having your first date over coffee.

7. Networking events will have you meeting quality professionals.

Whilst you may be focusing on expanding your business interests keep a look out for single professionals that capture your attention. The singles you meet at networking events are likely to be extremely busy, hard to reach and focusing on their careers and businesses and crossing paths with them may be next to impossible. Keep the focus on work however don’t be afraid to grab a coffee outside of the event to test the waters.

8. Matchmakers. Hiring a matchmaker to meet single professionals is becoming increasingly popular.

Outsourcing makes perfect sense, particularly if you want results, having a private matchmaker ensures you connect with like-minded professionals based on your values and essential needs. Brilliant for those wanting to achieve results sooner rather than later. And if you think the case is over, think again, meeting savvy professionals will keep you on your toes, ensuring the chemistry is kept alive and most importantly achieving exactly what you want!

So whatever method you use to meet single professionals, remember the most important thing to do while looking to meet single professionals is to have fun! You will find what you are looking for sooner rather than later just by being proactive.

robyn nind - professional matchmaker

Robyn Nind is a dating coach and matchmaker at Blue Label Life. Robyn has helped countless singles find love and a partner.

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