Dating beautiful women: Capture her quickly!

3418f61772221acf05d4f51a81025f7a.32Dating beautiful single women: Make her want you more after your first date!

Attention men around Australia. Read on if you would like to stand out from the crowd and capture that beautiful woman’s heart – on your very first date.

How you handle yourself on the first date is critical you literally have 3 minutes to impress her and leave a good impression. Make the wrong move and you might as well and the date it will be impossible to turn the situation around.

Making contact for the first date

Ok let’s talk about first contact. I recommend always calling. Text messaging or emailing is just not the same. Girls today are famously impressed with the confidence of a call to break the ice.

Be natural, fun, cheeky, mysterious and keep the conversation short and sweet so she wants more. Plan your date in advance or at least have a few fresh venues in mind to suggest. Or maybe some activities to make her wonder if this really is a date… women love to guess and be kept on their toes initially. It creates excitement!

Being old fashioned always wins! Women love a man who’s in control. Today so many women work long hours, have huge responsibilities and time and time again are looking for a man that can make her feel looked after and cared for.

Pick her up for the date, surprise her with a bunch of flowers, select the restaurant and know your wines. Or if it’s an adventurous date plan the location. If she see’s you know what you are doing she will have great confidence in you and feel she can let her barriers down – exactly what you want!

What to talk about with a woman on a first date

Women love a man who is funny, responsible when required, but can see the lighter side of life. On a date, don’t talk excessively about your career. Instead keep it light.

Discuss holidays, your adventures, where you see yourself, engage together and highlight any similarities that you may have. Common ground is a good foundation to establish a stronger connection. Stimulate her mind; play up your good attributes.

Never talk about your ex or anything negative such as hardships or previous disaster dates or lies to impress her! Knowledge is power, the more questions you ask her about herself the more ammunition you will have for your next dates. You could flirt by challenging her to a competition with one of her favourite pastimes. Teasing her a little is a great way to bring out your boyish charm; it will take you along way!

How to end your first date

Keep it mysterious. Even at this stage if she is unsure about you, you can still make an impact. Don’t reveal too much. Let her wonder if you would like to see her again she will be intrigued by the challenge. Thank her for her gorgeous presence and tell her you had a great time getting to know such an interesting person. And wish her a good night.

I don’t recommend going in for the big passionate kiss, instead, give her a slow sensual kiss on the cheek, squeeze her hand, look her in the eyes, smile and walk away…the anticipation will heighten her senses particularly the next day when her friends ask her about the date and whether she will see you again.

Women love mystery, and it will be a waiting game to see if you will ever call. When you do that beautiful woman will be pleasantly surprised!

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