Dating in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s

2a246341c0c18dbd68810eceda464dc2.21When you go on a date, what is it that you’re really searching for?  It is the butterflies we first encounter in the presence of your date, the sound of their voice, their smell, touch or is it the blissful moment that comes with exchange of the first “I love you”?

Dating changes with age

As you get older, your dating dynamics change with age. Your goals and priorities change and the longer you are single the tougher it gets to find “the one”. Here are a few tips for dating at different times in your life to help you find your true love.

Dating in your 20s

In your 20’s, the dating pool is endless. Everyone is in the same position either at university beginning life as an adult, travelling or hitting the party scene.

Generally there is not much urgency to settle down quickly. You’re eager to please, looking for acceptance, falling in love simply for the buzz. You get excited about going and filling your social calendar.

You date more for external reasons – seeking the fittest, most attractive and most popular date – you live in the moment. It’s all about timing with regards to taking the next step; after you finish your education, when you have a stable income, after that overseas trip.

Once you have reached your mid to late 20’s the dynamics slowly start to change. Still with no urgency you begin to think about a potential future partner.

Tips for 20’s Dating Success: Have fun, be clear with your intentions consider the person you are with for a long-term relationship, if not just be open and honest.
Dating in Your 30’s

In your 30’s you begin dating with a purpose. You have finally figured out who you are, what makes you happy and look for the right person to compliment your life journey.

Many 30 something’s move quickly through the relationship phases, often marrying within one to two years.  No longer do you wait for the perfect time as you realise there is no time like the present. Life doesn’t happen by a schedule. You just make you decision and live with the consequences.

You are often at a high in your career, leaving you little time and have often outgrown the night club scene, you have had many life’s experiences both good and bad. You know yourself you have dealt with psychos, loved, experienced hurt, felt lonely, been left, broken hearts and finally realise that sitting in a bar until 5am dancing with the teens is not a good look. For both men and women the biological clock is ticking.

Tips for 30’s Dating Success: Be honest and realistic with your date, discuss your goals and dreams early on in dating stages, particularly the topics of children and marriage. If your goals are different and no compromise can be made move on quickly avoid heart break there will be someone out there with similar dreams.

Dating in Your 40s

It’s time for you to think outside the square and take a proactive approach to expanding your social network, stand your ground get noticed and find your ultimate companion.

Dating in your 40’s is usually your second time round so dating potentials will more than likely have children from previous marriages, commitments and more emotional intelligence based on both positive and negative life experiences.

In some cases extremely career driven individuals have re-surfaced and are ready to make that big commitment.  When dating in your 40’s you have evolved as a person, you know who you are, you’re often sure of what you want, more self aware, settled in your career, secure, more direct, play less mind games and are interested in true companionship.

Tips for 40’s Dating Success: ‘Brush up’ on your dating skills, practice with a friend, let them give you honest feedback. Get a makeover, throw out that dated dress, jeans or shirt you have had for 10 years, give yourself a fresh lift with a new wardrobe, hairstyle and a healthy eating and exercise regime. You will feel healthier, look better and glow attracting like-minded fresh potential partners.

Dating in your 50s

Re-entering the dating scene can be both exciting and stressful at any age, but particularly in your fifties. Its time to take a proactive strategic approach for success to be achieved, just like you would with any other life goal you wish to accomplish.

Don’t wait around for fate to come knocking – open doors!   Whether it’s your first or third time most clients dating in their 50’s are looking for fulfillment they are practical daters rather than emotional ones.

Statistically men marry someone with a three year age gap below and above their age, someone that will understand their love of the similar music, political experiences and dress sense.

Tips for 50’s Dating  Success: Keep the conversation positive because a key turn off is negativity. Don’t share your war stories with your date, save them for your friends.  Ask questions – prepare at least 5 to ask your date, find out what you would like to know about them, listen and respond with warmth.  Think of at least three reasons why you are a catch, whether it’s your famous cooking, your great story telling or your great knowledge.

Dating in your 60s

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You have worked hard, reached your peak of independence, financial states, freedom of life experience. Now is your time to find a companion a great friend to share your life journey.

Life expectancy has increased well into the 90’s do it’s important to act now! You have many good years left in you. Dating in your 60’s means finding a best friend, a travel companion, a walking partner, someone to dine with not to mention your fulfill your physical needs, just because you have reached 60 doesn’t mean your life has stopped. These days most people look and feel decades younger.

Tips for 60’s Dating Success: Stay positive, get out there and mingle, expand your network join a group, volunteer at a charity, take up dancing or hire the services of a matchmaker be proactive and take action.

Embrace your freedom to explore new opportunities and do something about your situation rather than complain and worry about being single. Live life with optimism, one of the primary reasons both sexes request younger ages is the negativity and lack of enthusiasm of individuals within the same age range.

If you stay vibrant, happy and look on the brighter side of life experience you will be found very attractive.

Be honest and realistic with your date, discuss your goals and dreams early on in dating stages, particularly the topics of children and marriage. If your goals are different and no compromise can be made move on quickly avoid heart break there will be someone out there with similar dreams.

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