Dating secrets: Find love sooner rather than later

a9892cc02639d23c9bfd5005b1ee4dc3.26Spring time, the season of love is upon us! Warmer weather lifts our spirits, sunshine brightens up our live and fresh air is drizzled with gorgeous scents.

We have a few exciting months ahead of us longer days , shorter nights, BBQ’s with friends, swimming at the beach and summer break is just around the corner!

Spring time is love and long term relationship season

Spring time is such an exciting time for us at Blue Label Life as it’s our biggest season for marriages and engagements.

It’s also the perfect time to start a new romance and meet that someone special to share the warmer months together, weekends away, the beach, moonlight cinema and before you know it, Christmas!

Take action now to find your true love

So how do you increase your chances of finding love sooner rather than later? Let’s start from within.

1. Be positive, upbeat and happy while on your date.

Positive people are more attractive and charismatic;  your date will be feel refreshed and want to spend more time with you giving you the opportunity to get to know each other.

2. Be open-minded on a date

Being closed minded is the number one reason we miss out on love. Time and time again I see fabulous singles and I just know they would make a wonderful couple yet due to a bad haircut, poor shoe choice or some minor changeable variable they miss out on love by making an assumption too soon.

One thing I can guarantee is in most cases the person you have imagined in your head as your long-term partner will be further from your reality. So be a little open minded when meeting your date for the first time, you can always throw out those shoes, send them off to a hair stylist.

3. Focus on what is important – values

Do you share similar values when it comes to money, family, lifestyle, fidelity, smoking, drinking and personal habits? Choosing a partner that shares similar values to you will ensure you have a happier longer lasting long-term relationship rather than turmoil ups and downs that two opposite people may have.

4. Don’t be a boring date!

Monotone conversations will leave your date looking for an exit strategy. Ensure you have a few interesting topics up your sleeve, keep up to date with a current affairs, find out about your date’s hobbies listen and take a genuine interest. Be spontaneous and think outside the square, swap dinner and drinks for an adventure date such as Kayaking, a picnic or a visit an art gallery or a museum together.

5. The  three date rule! This is a gem!

It really is, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this happen and I must say am also guilty of this. When you think about it is almost impossible to have instant chemistry from a total stranger, and is often mistaken for lust.

You should never make a judgement on your first date. Your first date should be short and sweet, treat it as an icebreaker, remember your both tense and being judgement. Your second date is where you get to know the person a little more start to establish common ground and the third date is the for making for your final decision, is this person well suited to you as a partner or would you be better off as friends?

6. By mysterious, keep some things close to your chest.

Your date really has no interest in knowing about your work colleagues, what you had for breakfast, all your goals and ambitions. The date is a time you should be getting to know your date, so keep the focus on them, ask questions and engage.

7. Never complain on a date

No matter what it is about, being negative is a number one turn off. Whether it is the bad food, or your bad day at work, or a former bad date keep it to yourself! Talking about a bad date only makes you look unattractive and makes your present date wonder if you are worth dating themselves.

8. The “ex” factor!

Never ever speak of those words, your date has no interest in hearing about your previous baggage as you don’t want to hear about theirs. Particularly avoid talking about the ex husband or wife this is a no go zone!

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