Finding love during natural disasters

5e4173fc8504d0c66ffe7f380db5d2e0New reports have suggested that more people are looking for love and long-term commitment in light of recent natural disasters than ever before.

Samantha Jayne, director of private matchmaking agency, Blue Label Life, said that memberships have increased by 25 percent in the weeks since the earthquakes struck New Zealand and Japan following the Queensland floods earlier in 2011.

“These tragedies force many people to reassess their lives,” said Ms Jayne. “It goes back to the old adage that all the money and success in the world can’t buy happiness.”

Natural disasters have the ability to build stronger relationships despite the emotional and physical exhaustion people may face. Often an entire community is impacted during natural disasters, further undermining a person’s sense of security and normalcy.

“These factors present a variety of unique issues and coping challenges, depending on the type of disaster, said Ms Jayne. “It’s no secret that churches are more occupied during times of crisis. It’s also no secret that we as a society are more compassionate by way of charity.

“It isn’t the pictures and reports that affect us or compel us to donate our time or money. They are beyond our comprehension. Instead, we respond to the notion that we comprehend most readily – the bonds of love between one human being and another.”

One in five singles are currently in a committed relationship with someone they met through a dating service/website.

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