First date tips: Do’s and don’ts

Want to make a good impression on your first date, alleviate nerves and make a lasting impression for your second date opportunity? Learn the do’s and don’t of first dates.

Planning is the key to a successful first date

Keep it simple, relaxed and find out your dates interests, hobbies and favourite foods up front (imagine going to a steakhouse only to find out your date is vegetarian!).

Dare to be different.

Why not try the zoo, a picnic overlooking a beautiful sunset, a visit to the museum or an art gallery? Try a boat trip, a theme park or if your date enjoys sport, a game. Avoid noisy overcrowded bars, restaurants and movies. Your first date is an opportunity to talk get to know your date.

Do’s of first dates

  • Smile, be warm, open, pay compliments and have fun.
  • Repeat your date’s name, it will be music to their ears.
  • Be mysterious, no need to share your life story, keep a little for next time..
  • Dress appropriately, not too sexy you’ll give off the wrong message, smell good, with a hint of fragrance.
  • Ask questions, be interested and listen your date’s answers.
  • Be confident and upbeat and act if even if you don’t feel it.
  • Relax don’t worry if this is ‘Mr or Mrs Right’, enjoy yourself be in the moment.
  • Eye contact, holding slightly longer than usual promotes the feeling of a   connection, its simple, sexy and effective.
  • Intelligent conversation, keep up to date with a current affairs, and papers.
  • Most importantly be the date you want to be with, make your date realize that meeting with you again would be a wise move.

Dont’s of first dates

  • Complain, negativity is a huge turn off. Don’t interrupt and talk over your date, this is a sign you are not interested in them.
  • Look over your dates shoulder, it will appear you are scanning the room for other potentials.
  • Weather talk or politics a definite no, no for obvious reasons, boring
  • Never share war stories about the ex, it will appear as you haven’t let go.
  • Look bored or miserable, remember to smile and ask questions.
  • Flirt too much this will convey the wrong message.
  • Forget their name!
  • Be too eager, your date will run for the hills.
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