How does the economy impact finding a partner?

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How does the recession affect the dating scene for singles?

The last few months have show grim numbers in the financial markets’, redundancies are happening everywhere with businesses downsizing, global spending has been reduced, from overseas holidays, to retail, and dining out.

Not exactly material from romance novels! Good news is the economy isn’t keeping people from looking for love it has the exact opposite effect and the search for it!

A great time to find love

Dating during the recession is a great time to find love as you are about to find out. Both men and women are seeking support, and companionship to help them get through these uncertain economic times. The focus on money has been removed while the quest for finding true love has become of paramount importance.

Matchmaking increased 30%

Matchmaking and online dating have shown a spike in interest globally by 20 – 30%. What are the reasons for this current trend? Singles want someone to relate to, someone to support them through their scary times which has contributed to the spike in interest.

  • People have more and more time on their hands to think about what really matters in life.
  • Organised dates are more cost effective than financing a series of potentially unsuccessful meals with blind dates.
  • Singles seek comfort in difficult times; it is true a problem shared is a problem halved.
  • Money is uncertain and singles don’t want to be alone, the power of two is of significant importance and the cost of living is significantly reduced by cohabitation.
  • When you’re not sure what is coming to you, love is all the more important!
  • People are also staying at home they don’t want to pay to go out to bars.

Single women and men both want support during a recession

As illustrated, the number one driver for dating and looking for a partner during these uncertain economic times is support. Singles place less focus on money and more focus on true companionship as singles genuinely rethink their priorities, and look for stability and love.

Professional dating and matchmaking services help greatlyProfessional dating and matchmaking services are being used by successful, professionals from all walks of life, motivated to meet someone special. The most common request is to meet “someone like me”!

Singles are looking for a best friend

More and more singles are looking for a best friend, someone to share with someone to laugh with and get through these times together with a light at the end of the tunnel.

When looking for a new mate focusing on your similarities is a great starting point as it increases the likelihood of the success of the relationship.

Sharing similar values such as attitudes to money, spending habits, lifestyle, exercise interests, drinking habits, smoking, sexual compatibility as well as family values and neatness are vital to determine the long term outcome of relationship success. Sharing your life with someone like minded is travelling the road to romance success.
Singles are looking for long term relationships

A wide and varied age range has taken a big interest in matchmaking and dating with the biggest group being both men and women wanting to settle down to have a family and get married or establish a long-term relationship also second timers who have had their family and are looking for a companion.

Both men and women don’t want to waste time, know what they are looking for and take a strategic approach.

Dating more economically.

Dating with less money is a great opportunity to get creative, visit museums, parks and enjoy sunset picnics.

The major change the recession has had on dating on women is they are letting go of the Cinderella complex. The focus is more on equal partnerships where it is not uncommon for women out earn men, which relieves financial burden.

For men their financial situation has changed and are is no longer impressing with money, they are thinking outside the square, and finding genuine love with women who accept them for who they are. Men looking for a partner with substance!

Recession is a great time to meet a partner as it is not based on finances, it is seen as the boom for love! Focus is away from jobs and money and on other aspects getting to know a person for who they are not what they do! What a perfect time to find that genuine partner!

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