How to Create a Standout Dating Profile As A Man

Online profiles have the potential to ensnare your perfect mate or send them running for the hills.

They require attention and careful editing and should present you in the most favourable light possible. Essentially they are a sales pitch and you are the product.

So how do you create a standout profile that will help women see you as Mr. Right and ensure you are nailing your first impression?

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1. Avoid Boring
Online profiles are fraught with words such as, ‘fun’, ‘easy going’ and ‘relaxed’. This type of language does not paint a vivid picture of who you are. Almost everyone enjoys fun or having a laugh and even the stress balls of the world often refer to themselves as ‘easy going’. Use description that sets you apart.

2. Use Stories
Stories are incredibly powerful vessels for persuasion and engagement. You will remember a great story, you will not remember a list of things someone loves to do. Engage the reader by sharing a story from your life, leave out the ending and tell them they can hear the rest over a drink. Draw them in with your obvious passions and make it easy for them start a conversation, ‘how about you tell me the rest of that story next weekend?’ It’s as easy as that.

3. Don’t Overshare
Women love to hear little details about your life, sharing a few quirks is not inadvisable, however sharing information about your last breakup, your parents unstable marriage or your most recent illness is a big no no. Whilst these are all things you may discuss once you are in a relationship, if you want to attract a woman you can’t make her feel like your psychologist. As soon as she senses instability you will have lost her.

4. Demonstrate Stability
Women are attracted to stability, they are biologically programmed to look for someone who can protect them and provide for them. Talk about your family, your job and the rhythm of your life. Whilst you should always apply the rule of everything in moderation you can feel free to communicate the lifestyle you lead and make it inviting for another person to join. Again use descriptive and exciting information but let the women know you are secure in who you are and where you are in your life.

5. Chose a Profile Picture Strategically
While looks aren’t everything they definitely play a key role in attraction. Choose your profile strategically and consider the message it is sending. If you are looking for a long term relationship then avoid photos of you drinking large amounts of alcohol, shirtless selfies or any inappropriate or offensive gestures or behaviours. Chose a photo that represents the best version of you.

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