How to make a man commit?

How to make a man commit?

How to Make a Man Commit

Believe it or not this is a two sided story… it is up to you most of the time and you can control your destiny with a man. That is of course if he is the commitment type.

How to tell if your man is the commitment type

Is he the type of man to make a commitment? Look at his friends, are they in a committed relationship? Look into the past to predict your future. Has he a history of flings, one night stands and a players attitude? Does he only want to see you at last minute and never around on a Friday or Saturday night?

Making a man commit is easy

Ok how to make a man commit is as simple as this, ‘Men want to find out what it is you want and give it to you!’ Make him feel as though he is valued and needed.

Let me explain, ever since the cave man era men had a clearly defined role or providing for the family – he hunted food, provided shelter and ensured the family was safe. Women were soft, caring, nurturing and gentle. We evolved into a similar scenario in the 20’s, to 60’s.

Power struggles in relationships

In late 70’s we saw women’s liberation take place resulting in gender confusion. Men and women no longer had clear defined roles and knew how to interact with each other. This turning point where women no longer needed men for survival but simply were looking for men because they wanted to be with them!

It wonderful to have the freedom, and power to take charge of their future but this power struggle in some ways negatively impacted our relationships.

Seven steps to a happy healthy, strong long term relationship

Good news! That there is a way to make our current dynamic work incredibly well, and ultimately establish a happy relationship.

Step 1. Soften up!

Convey how important your man is to you! I hear time and time again women telling me men are intimidated by them. Let’s look at strategies how we can reduce or better still eliminate this intimidating factor.

Give a little. It’s ok to acknowledge his achievements and take notice of the little things he does. In fact if you focus on the things he does for you, you will only receive more – sound like a good trade off?

Men love independent women, but there is a fine line between being independent and detached. Men settle down with a woman who regularly reveals her softness, shows him no matter what happens she supports him. Men want someone who will be on their side at all times through thick and thin by doing little things that show him she cares.

Step 2: Take the pressure off!

Accept his vices and flaws. If he loves to watch sport and you couldn’t think of anything worse, get busy catch up with a girlfriend, or go off to the beach. (No doubt in time he will be following you with your adventurous spirit). It is healthy to spend some time apart, give him the opportunity to miss you!

Step 3: Be positive and encouraging.

Ok so he may be stressed at work listen to him, be his sounding board and offer him support. Men have very little support through friends and if he has you there, you will be the one he will always think of!

Step 4: Family and Friends.

Take an interest in his family. Be proactive in their reunions, whether it is a weekend visit or Christmas, he will love the approval he seeks. Friends, ok so they may not be your cup of tea, but instead of being negative simply accept them and acknowledge that you do have your minor differences. Think about it he may not see eye to eye with all your friends, a little sacrifice can go along way!

Step 5: Be exciting and evolving.

Be captivating! Being spontaneous and unpredictable taking on new interest and reveal different facets of yourself. Burst the myth that being married means a life of boredom instead it would be a life of adventure if he were to commit to you.

Step 6: Stay connected when you’re intimate.

Connected sex that involved mind and body makes you go from girlfriend to marriage material in no time. Keep things interesting, get to know his passions, tell him how good he makes you feel.

Step 7: Support your man to be the best man he can be!

Helping him reach his full potential by actively supporting his goals. Encourage him, challenge him at times as long as you have his best interests at heart and not trying to mould him. By helping him accomplish things he will appreciate you.

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