Learn how to read women’s body language

41849ca99e91fddb62fb545a0627f6cc.44Women’s body language secrets revealed:

I’m about to give you some power. The body language interpretations I am sharing with you will ensue you have the upper hand when it comes to reading the telltale signs of whether or not your date is interested in you.

Say goodbye to conflicting mixed signals. Take control of the outcome of your date.

So what is body language?

Body Language is gestures of non-verbal communication that involuntarily articulate deeper feelings. Albert Mehrabian, body language expert, found that:

  • 55% of communication is in the form of body language;
  • 38% is in the tone of a voice;
  • And only 7% of communication is in the form of words.
  • That means over 90% of what you’re saying isn’t coming out of your mouth!

So how do you know if your hot date is into you?

First, look for signs of nervousness. Fidgeting with objects, adjusting clothes and hair, smiling and laughing are all good signs that she’s interested. Now let’s get specific.

What do these gestures really mean?

1. Her eyes and lips

A deep gaze indicates confidence. She knows what she wants and it’s you! This is reinforced if she licks her lips, keeping them moist. If she bites her bottom lip, she is most likely picturing what she could be doing with you.

2. Her pupils

Watch her pupils. If she is interested, her sympathetic nervous system will involuntarily cause her pupils to dilate.  If her eyes are wandering around the room it’s not a good sign. She’s looking around for other stimulation. Could your conversation be boring? Try to capture her with upbeat, interesting conversation. Ask her questions about herself. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to move on.

3. Her hair

It’s in the fingers. If she is slowly gliding or twirling her fingers through her hair, her actions indicate she is highly interested in you. If her movements are quick and jerky, it’s sign she’s frustrated and impatient.  Try relaxing her with a light-hearted joke.

4. Her fingers

According to Freud, touching the edge of a glass is a symbol of highly sexualized desire. Vigorously tapping away at the glass indicates she’s impatient and would like to leave the situation.

5. Her arms and hands

Leaning towards you indicate that she’s interested. Look at the direction of her shoulders. If they are pointing towards you, it’s a good sign.  Shoulders facing the opposite direction indicate she can’t wait to get away.  If she is leaning away from you with her arms crossed, it’s an indication that she doesn’t trust you – hence the shield.

The look you want is the lean in, chin in hands. She’s most likely thinking; “what did I do to find such an incredible guy?”

6. Playful touching

Fact: When a woman touches a part of your body – be it hand, chest, neck, or otherwise – those are actually the places she likes to be touched.

7. Laugher and smiling

If she smiles when she speaks to you and laughs and your crummy jokes, well done! You have captured her interest.

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