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Portrait of happy young friends touching the glasses with each otherWe all know that Christmas can be tricky when it comes to dating. On the surface, it seems the ideal time to find that special someone. What with office parties, social get-togethers and strategically hung mistletoe (keep it clean lads). Yet Christmas is also a season tarnished by novelty knitted jumpers, Santa socks, loud ties, sparkly bauble earrings and flashing badges (and by flashing, we mean lights!) So how is anyone supposed to ooze sex appeal when faced with such a quandary?

Well, think carefully before you don that Santa suit thinking your sack of goodies might spread the magic this Christmas! Though ladies, your Miss Clause outfit might do the trick! Seriously though, when it comes to festive dating, you have one of two options; either sit in a bush of mistletoe and hope for the best or be proactive by following our Christmas tips below:

1. Be A Friendly Flyer

If you have to fly at all during the holidays, see it as an opportunity to meet women. Air travel has become such a chore. You have to get to the airport early, you stand in lines a lot, and you sit around waiting for your plane to board. What most people fail to realise is that when you have a lot of people waiting around, that’s the perfect time to be social.

Every time you see someone from the opposite sex waiting around for the same flight as you, take the time to start up a conversation with him or her. Most people are receptive to distractions to take away from the boredom of waiting for their flight to board and will be happy to pass the time talking to someone.

Not only that, but chances are if they’re flying out of the same city, the two of you could meet up after you return from the holidays. And if you’re traveling to the same destination, you could also meet up during the holidays.

2. Last Minute Shopping Is Better Than A Bar Or Club

Forget about having to go out to the club scene to meet women. Shopping centres are where all the action is at during Christmas.

Christmas is the biggest retail season of the year, and people will always be running around trying to get their Christmas shopping done at the last minute. Just go to any mall or shopping centre during the holidays, and you’ll find it packed to the brim with singles trying to finish buying their gifts.

Find your nearest mall, do some last minute shopping, but while you’re there, be sure to approach as many singles as you can. If you can’t walk away from a mall during the holidays with at least five numbers, you’re doing something wrong!

3. Exploit Family Connections

If there’s one thing you can usually count on, it’s that your family knows a lot of great prospects for dating.

I have yet to meet a mother who isn’t willing to play matchmaker for her son. It might seem awkward, but take advantage of this. Let your mother, sisters, cousins, sister-in-laws – pretty much any woman in your family – know that you’re looking to meet a great girl and would appreciate any help they could provide.

Lots of men are embarrassed to do this, but you’d be surprised at the results. The women your family has access to can be of incredibly high quality, and it makes the whole process of meeting new girls much easier.

4. Volunteer

I can’t tell you how many singles I met through that type of volunteer work. And it was easy to meet them, because they’d come up to me and wait there as I wrapped their gifts. Not only was I helping a good cause, I was also helping myself meet some fantastic people!

Take some time to try and meet some new people. Don’t let yourself succumb to the loneliness of being single over the holidays. Your willingness to meet someone new could be the best gift you give yourself this holiday season.

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