The benefits of dating bald men

The benefits of dating a bald man.

Are you a woman that turns your nose up at a bald man?

Sadly you could be missing out on finding Mr Right.  Imagine if you turned the tables and a man commented on your breasts being too small or your thighs being too big, or worse he judged you by your wrinkles, he would be labelled as chauvinistic.

Did you know? Judging men by their locks and you have less than 40 percent of the male population in your dating pool, scary statistics!

Let’s look at the facts.  Just how many men are affected by baldness?

Hair rejuvenation clinics Ashley and Martin have found that 60 percent of men are affected by hair loss, and approximately 25 percent of men start balding by the age of 30. Hair loss incidence and patterns affect all ethnicities and races.  It has also been found that there is a 4 in 7 chance of getting the baldness gene.

The bald men out there!

It is true, dating is initially based on physical attraction but subconsciously we are seeking a healthy man to procreate. Baldness is really a sign of maturity and getting older, perfect father material if you ask me.

Now let’s look take a look at the pool of bald men out there. Sean Connery embraces his bald head; he would have to be one of the sexiest men alive!

Think Vin Diesel, Kelly Slater, Billy Zane, oh and Bruce Willis they all have had a flood of interest from women.  Not to mention Nicolas Cage, who is always starring in romantic movies and women love him!

Did you know? In Scandinavia, UK, Western Europe balding men are more accepted and more common.

So what makes these folliclly challenged men stand out?

These men are the whole package; they are successful confident, self assured and most importantly comfortable in their own skin.

Confidence is sexy, balding men should never cover it up so forget the comb over, the Toupee or bald mullet instead shave, shine and embrace it!

Benefits of Bald men:

The number one reason men bald is due to high levels of testosterone, and we all know what that means don’t we?

High levels of testosterone mean bald men have a higher sex drive, and more likely to pleasure you for longer in the bedroom. No nasal deliver required. Now that is a bonus! Bald men can be wear the disguise of a sought after bad boy, only having a heart of gold and treating you like a princess, they appear more masculine, are taken more seriously in negotiations and there are so many more to choose from!

So get out there girls, open your minds and find yourself your very own, testosterone fueled bald man to satisfy your desires.

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