Top five places to meet elite singles

Basic RGBTired of dating sour singles? Want to be introduced to something sweeter – maybe even a sugar daddy or mamma?! Then you need to be seen at the places Australia’s elite singles gather.

Here are the top five places to be snapped up by singles at the top of the food chain.

Charity Events

An elite introductions nirvana. Where else can you find a smorgasbord of professional singles with hearts as big as their wallets?

Charities offer you a great chance to see people’s character and values on a first ‘date’ – a side that wouldn’t normally be revealed until well into a relationship.

So tag along to the next major breast cancer awareness or heart foundation fundraiser – you’ll feel great about doing your bit for a worthy cause, and just one right elite introduction could turn out to make it a night you’ll never forget!

‘Elite’ Sports Events

Let’s be honest, certain sports attract certain personalities, and your chances of being introduced to an elite single vary greatly depending on the one you see.

Boxing attracts the aggressive and sexually infatuated, basketball attracts tall and tattooed, and sports like golf and tennis attract the more sedate elite and upper-class. Sailing clubs (if you call sailing a sport) is another avenue for elite single talent. Are you game?

Prestige Car Shows

Say what you will about guys using sports cars to, you know, compensate, Ferrari’s are cool. And who knows, by the end of the day you might just land yourself a ride in a very elite passenger seat.

Professional Networking Events

There are all kinds of business and pleasure networking events – from breakfasts and corporate dinners to speed networking and social forums. Yes, you are likely to get a few introductions to the countless corporate honcho’s looking more like chimpanzees in suits than elite professional singles, but there are always a few exceptions to the rule.

Buzzword seminars

Investment, international finance, KPI, globalisation and anything beginning with the word ‘transnational’ – all buzzwords that fly over most heads, but they get some people hotter than front row seats at an Antonio Banderas vs Salma Hayak salsa wrestle.

It’s like how guys dig girls who are good at sport, and girls dig guys who know a thing or two about style. The elite dig those who speak their language. So what better way to get an introduction to a sexy elite in suit than by starting up a conversation on mutually exciting jargon – and then whisper sweet nothings to each other during intermission?

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