What Makes A Man Want To Ask You Out Again?


If you went out with a guy that you really liked and you hoped that he’d ask you again, is there anything you can do to make him do so? Definitely!


When the chemistry’s good and you’re having a great time, it could be the start of something special. You’re not a mind reader, so here are a few things that’ll let you into how the male brain works to better understand what would make men want to take you out on a date again.

You don’t seem to be in a hurry to be in a commitment.

 Men operate on a much different and slower pace when it comes to commitment compared to women. Although they may be quick to let you know their intentions, they do take longer to decide whether to commit or not. He will need some time to get into his comfort zone and let his guard down. This is normal so keep your cool when you think he isn’t moving things along. Show that you are enjoying the getting to know phase and he’ll sure stick around longer than you hoped for.

You’ve got a killer personality.

You are quite to die for. Everything from your confidence to how you behave around others shows that you have a strong backbone and that you can carry yourself way. Men want women who are capable of standing their own ground. Nothing is more attractive than a strong, confident woman.

You love yourself first.

  If he sees that you are comfortable, with who you are, know what you want, and doesn’t solely depend on men to validate her worth, he’ll definitely want to date you for a long time. Men hate it when women become to clingy and needy and lose their identity in the process of dating. They also don’t like it when you are too conscious of yourself and that they feel they need to exert extra effort to please you.

He finds you attractive.

Not physically entirely. He senses that you are in touch with your feminine side and that you exude a lot of feminine energy that they’d want to exert their being alpha males around you and that is to pursue you relentlessly.

You seem hard to get.

Men like being challenged. If you seem like you are quite difficult to ensnare, they’d pursue you more. So leave some things to the imagination and don’t let your feelings show immediately.

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