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ecf0111143bb25d8e75bb068accc8cd1.21Finding a Matchmaker in Australia is easier than ever, as Matchmaking particularly amongst busy professionals is growing in demand daily!

The ancient art of matchmaking certainly has a very interesting history looking back through the times, it all began with Royalt. , Royals would only date Royal blue blood to the extent where it wouldn’t be favourable in the face of genetics, the Hindu’s had their own arranged marriages bringing together the children to wed from each family, the Jews had their Shadchan to shine the torch of love.

How has professional matchmaking in Australia changed?

Over time, a cycle was experienced and the social need for a professional matchmaker diminished as communication was made through the phone and internet. Travel also made distant lands accessible.

Ironically, our modern technologies have resulted in a turn back in time and once again the demand for a modern day matchmaker in Australia and around the world has revived.

Matchmaking boom in busy times

Our lives are busier than ever, resulting in our connections reducing. We travel for work too often, leaving us in a different states or even countries. We relocate interstate and through natural progression most find out friends are often married off, reducing our network – not to mention having a true clarity of the particular qualities we seek in a partner are often hard to find in our daily walk of life.

Why hire a professional matchmaker in Australia?

Hiring a professional matchmaker in Australia is certainly a pattern we see emerging, whether it is for professionals, executives, business owners. There is one common quality each and everyone seeks and that is to be connected with a like-minded person wanting to become a best friend and ultimately a lover for a long lasting union of marriage.

What’s the difference between a matchmaking service and a dating service?

The main difference is the relationship between client and the service. As a matchmaker each client is carefully screened, selected and qualified, each member of our team is aware of all new clients and work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met.

A dating service involved registering as many people on the site as possible and having all members do their own screening and matchmaking.

Who is professional matchmaking best for?

A matchmaker in Australia is a great way to start if you are time poor, not interested in hanging out in bars or online dating sites, sick of turning up to events on your own and truly know what style of person you would like into your life.

What does a professional matchmaker do for you?

A matchmaker in Australia, particularly within your own state, will we aware of your cultural needs. She will be well connected, committed and focused on your personal needs. She will be come a good friend, a guide, offering you a sounding board, dating advice, tips, seminars and workshops to help you find that true love that you are seeking.

Find a matchmaker in Australia is certainly a great way to start in establishing a full filling relationship. You would be surprised to learn which single men and women use their services – your friend, neighbour, colleague even celebrities.

How to find a Matchmaker close to you?

Research, research, research! When looking for your personal matchmaker ensure you do your homework. Meet with a few matchmakers face to face to get comfortable, check your matchmakers credibility, are they certified? Do they have a track record?  Ask to speak to some of their clients to get a feel for their service. Most importantly develop trust, ensure you are comfortable with your matchmaker look for good qualities that are importnat to you particuarly compassion, warmth and good ethical values.

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