Why do women love bad boys?

c4826af61c2b7f2e7fbffd9181929a68.28Time and time again you see bad boys in the movies with the gorgeous girls hanging off their arms, look at Charlie Sheen, Billy Bob, the men in the Melbourne series the Underbelly, just to name a few and dare I mention the not so clean cut family man Tiger.

In the real world you see it everywhere you walk in the workplace, the guys at school, men at university, the sporting fields, out and about socially. Men that are not all that have gorgeous women by their side, it’s incredibly intriguing to see such wonderful women falling for men that their mothers warn them about!

The seduction of bad boys?

What is so seductive about the destructive behaviour from a bad boy? Surely it doesn’t make sense to fall in love with a man that treats you badly, never calls, keeps you guessing or is even commitment phobic, possibly narcissistic and this is being light on the subject. Surely it is just a phase or is it?

Why do women love bad boys?

The number one reason women love bad boys is they ooze confidence. Confidence is huge aphrodisiac. Bad boys are interesting, they do interesting things, they do what they want, go where they want, they will answer to no one. Bad boys make up the rules and always have a mission. Bad boys seem strong which makes women feel safe.

Bad boys have attitude, they are indifferent with a take it or leave it attitude, this gives women the feeling of having to work hard for their man’s attention and to work hard at something and finally gain interest is worth a fight!

Bad boys love to test the boundaries, are mysterious and keep women guessing. It is so true women love a man that keeps them guessing. Every time I hear a woman tell me she is unsure about a particular man she is dating in the early stages and I know they are a great match, I always tell the man to pull away, not call, or even reply to her messages and predictably she starts to wonder where he is, has he lost interest, her anxiety levels raise and all of a sudden she is wanting him, and bingo chemistry is alive again!

Most importantly bad boys are challenging and women all love a challenge! From an early age we are taught if something is a challenge the end result must be worthwhile.

Women also love the idea of taming the beast, and one day will have this strong willed person all to themselves.

But how long does this scenario last?

Women’s desire for bad boys peaks in the early years of dating. As time goes on and women are more experienced they are often exhausted by the turbulence and seek a more sophisticated grounded down to earth partner, one that is strong, confident, and a challenge but not hard work. They want a man to eventually settle with, providing stability, direction and love.

Learn from the bad boys and get that girl of your dreams!

Let’s learn and modify the bad boy’s behaviour for you to meet the girl of your dreams. Take out all the negative traits, but use his animal instincts to provide you with all the knowledge you need.

Firstly know who you are and be confident, remember confidence is a huge aphrodisiac. Know what you want and don’t care what others think never rely on other people to prop you up instead just be comfortable within your own skin. Get busy, make time for man stuff, whatever that may be, sport, mountain biking, surfing, beer with the boys. Be exactly the opposite of needy, make her think you will have to squeeze her into your schedule, diamonds are scarce and so are you!

Remain mysterious; keep your emotions to yourself keep her guessing. Is he or isn’t he interested in me? Never reveal how you feel early on or volunteer too much information about yourself everything you do reveal ensure it is interesting, exciting, adventurous and fun!

Be strong! Lay down the ground rules of what you will and won’t accept, be decisive and unpredictable. Be confident in the bedroom.

You don’t have to be in shape, immensely attractive but certainly respect your body and be at your best will take you a long way. Power, strength of character, confidence, and being adventurous equals sexy. So get on out there, learn from the bad boys and capture the woman of your dreams!

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